"Meeting Ariane is like talking to an old friend – so familiar and lovely, open-minded and creative– it’s all about fun working together with her! And I have never met a blogger who is that fast like Ariane. She loves producing funny video postings and charming interviews. And last but not least, her unique charisma makes her a really likeable person! I would love working with her again and again."

— Dine & Shine


Ariane, your personality combined with your flair for art is a treasure for everyone who is privileged to work with you! We look very much forward to further projects when we need a Creative Director, Story Teller, Interviewer or Producer.

— f a d e – Rebekka & Petra

Dear Ariane, your profound appreciation of real luxury, your understanding of the humane dimension behind our craftsmanship and our desire to serve our Collectors through our Ambassadors, really delighted me.

And with the advent of this impersonal globalisation, we need people who dare to be unique and make people dream.

— Bovet 1822 – Pascal Raffy, Owner & CEO

Working together with Ariane is just a pleasure. Even in stressful situations she keeps cool and friendly. It amazes me how she’s able the catch the essence of every person through the camera. In her Blog Discover Out Loud, she manages to give a very honest, authentic and also funny view of Switzerland’s little peculiarities.

— Gris, Alliance des Créateurs Suisses

I have done quite a bit of interviews and read a lot of articles about Null Stern but yours really hits home! I appreciate you taking the time to absorb and understand what we are trying to do and what we stand for so thank you again.

— Null Stern – Daniel Charbonnier, Managing Partner

DOL always surprises you with intriguing views on fascinating people and places. Working with Ariane is so inspiring, not only is she very talented but also exceptionally sensitive and passionate. She is about the person, the brand, the lifestyle and the story behind them.

— Chef Claudio Del Principe

Dr Ashkan Ghavami, Plastic Surgeon to the Stars, Lifestyle, Influencers
I absolutely loved my interview with Ariane from Discover Out Loud. It was one of the best interviews I've ever done! She gave me a new and fresh platform to share my voice on and I am very thankful for that! Looking forward to working with her again in the near future.

— Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, Plastic Surgeon

Director Fritz Erni showing off their beautiful copper pots & pans
Ariane has a unique talent of asking the right questions at the right time. Her life experience, great work ethic and inquisitive mind allow her to truly engage with her interviewees...her writing speaks for itself. Enjoy!

— Hotel Art Deco Montana – Fritz Erni, Director

TibitsGebruederFrei-1200x630 2
It was very inspiring working with Ariane. She is a positive and creative person and a professional interview partner. Ariane works with passion and enthusiasm and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

— Tibits – Reto Frei, Co-Founder

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 15.20.55
I'm a lifelong entrepreneur but have never been one for the spotlight. My preference is usually to quietly work hard behind the scenes. Interviews and media appearances are not things that I look forward to doing, but Ariane and the Discover Out Loud team made me feel at ease and comfortable to be myself.

— Prom Girl – David Wilkenfeld, Founder & CEO

We were very pleased with the superb and exciting Blog articles about the Schweizerhof and the Retro Festival, thank you so much for that Ariane. It was great to work with you, you were amazing, very charming and most of all you share the same spirit as we do: Telling stories!

— Schweizerhof Hotel Luzern, Pascal Bandi, Manager