IN THE STUDIO w/ ADAM DARE: The Evolution of A Street Artist

Explore what makes Adam Dare an artist, human, and husband in this exclusive look into his work and studio.

Born and raised in Brooklyn Adam came up with the street art movement, witnessing the evolution of the graffiti scene through the years. He managed to evolve while never losing his authentic edge making Adam THE fixture in the NYC street art scene that evokes both nostalgias and an air of “je ne sais quoi” with a Brooklyn flare like no other.

Adam is now bi-coastal, living in LA and traveling to his native Brooklyn regularly. The bunny has settled down and found love. Best known for his “broken-hearted bunny” pictured all over NYC and Brooklyn a few years ago, Adam Dare has evolved not only his bunny but his art to focus on the disappearing typography of NYC.

Today you may notice a slightly different vibe to his art and whole aesthetic. Is this due to finding love or a natural evolution you find in most artists? A combination of both…

“Started as a broken right now it’s cracked open” – Adam Dare

If you want a look into the past while being on the front line of the future then Adam is an artist you need to know.  If you are in NYC October 19th you can see his new work in a group show called “Made in Brooklyn” with local artists Whisby and Hektad at 39 Spring Street. Doors open at 5pm with drinks to follow!



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