Adidas Switzerland & A/SH launch the NMD gallery

Jovana Matic @joviilaiin

This past weekend Adidas Switzerland and A/SH magazine launched the NMD Gallery Zürich in collaboration with four Swiss artists Jonas Hegi, Kevin Hoegger, Nadja Stäubli and Lauretta Suter.

I was very fortunate to get a private tour by Jovana Matic, Guido Mazzolani, Adidas Brand Manager and last but not least, A/SH’s founder Florence Ritter.

The theme of the exhibit was Urban Nomadism, perfectly depicting our society today. The typical urban citizen is constantly on the move, seeking and discovering new feelings, movements, and way of life.

Adidas Originals always evolves and adapts its designs to the tempo of new technology and needs of its customers, the Urban Nomads. It thinks forward. So much that within a day of launching, the NMD was sold out in all of Switzerland!

A/SH,  is a local independent and creative publication aiming to discover and support local artists by giving them the perfect platform to express themselves and flourish.

NMD + A/SH = History. Technology. Evolution. Style.

Needless to say, the pairing of these two brands created an interesting and palpable experience.


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