An evening of Discoveries with DOL and Katz Contemporary Gallery

Frederique Hutter, Nick Mazrekaj and Ariane Tavakol

When Frederique Hutter, owner of Katz Contemporary gallery asked me if I would be interested in hosting an event in her stylish space I never imagined it turning out as well as it did! Of course, the gallery itself, especially the current exhibit ‘Similarities’ would have definitely not needed any assistance to bring out its magic any further! But having said that, the blend of the art curated by Nina Van Rooijen and Frederique in collaboration with the gallery’s artists, deserves to be seen by as many as possible.

My goal for the evening was to bring different worlds together in celebration of art, design and humanity and I’m happy to say that it was accomplished. The top notch crowd of Zurich came and brought with them their energy, beauty and wonder! The style of people was as diverse as the art showcased but what they all had in common was their open and curious mind.

A big thank you to everyone at Katz Contemporary, at Cesar Martins for helping capture those special moments in time, our talented DJ Soulmate who brought even more soul to the party, Smith & Smith for helping booz up the place with their delicious and cool Prosecco!

See it for yourself!

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