An introduction to Krug, Prestige Champagne

My friends at PR/Ticular cordially invited me to the “Reveal and Tasting” of the new Krug 2002 at the Dolder Grand. What a treat! The experience began from the moment I entered the library room where I was greeted by a warm and sparkling welcome! The atmosphere in the room perfectly encapsulated the majesty of the brand. Both the ladies and gents present looked sharp and ready. To my surprise however the ladies were notably outnumbered by their counterpart. Perhaps not as many ladies embark in the world of Prestige Champagne.

The world of Krug Champagne is one that I wasn’t too familiar with. I of course had had it on different special occasions but never truly took the time to learn about it and indulge in its story. I am so thankful for my blog for the myriad of experiences it allows me to earn.

So without any further a do, let’s delve together into the distinguished and exclusive world of Krug and their Vintage collection! The description below and pictures derive from their official press release.


Quick background

The House of Krug was founded in 1843 by Joseph Krug whose dream had been to offer the very best Champagne every year, no matter what the climate would bring. Taste and quality are the driving force of the brand. Mr Krug wrote in his notebook that same year that “a good Champagne House should only create two Champagnes of the same quality.”


Krug and music pairings

Joseph Krug believed that Champagne is an experience of pleasure like listening to a beautiful piece of music. Recent findings by Oxford University found that there is a strong correlation between sound and the palate. What we hear influences how we taste. So based on this finding and spirit, the House of Krug developed Krug Music Pairings.

Each year the House invites selected musicians to taste its seven different Champagnes. Inspired by what they taste, these artists select a special playlist custom-tailored to reflect what they felt and how they connected to the experience of Krug Champagnes.

This year, coinciding with the release of Krug 2002, the House partnered with singer Gregory Porter. For Porter, the musical association with Krug Grande Cuvée was immediate. “I felt joy, pleasure and wisdom,” he says.“Krug Champagne conveys its own emotions, like music. Upon tasting Krug Grande Cuvée and Krug 2002, two things happened: one in my brain and one in my heart. Different notes came to my tongue, notes that were like colours, and emotions.”


Taste and Reveal

We were presented with the following two:

  • Krug Grande Cuvee 158th edition, created every year and described as “a complete orchestra playing together in harmony”. Krug Grande Cuvée is the first and only prestige Champagne to have been recreated every year since the House was founded. It is a blend of 76 wines from 10 different years, the oldest dating back to the harvest of 1988 and the youngest to the harvest of 2002, an exceptionally rich and generous year.
  • Krug Vintage 2002, An Ode to Nature – Krug Vintage remains in the cellar for over ten years and is only released when it reaches maturity. Krug Vintage 2002 was held back an additional two years: “We listen only to the wine,” says Eric Lebel.


And the story continues…

Each bottle of Krug Champagne has a story to tell. All you need to do is enter the Krug iD – the six digits printed on the back label of every bottle – on the web or via the Krug App. In addition to Krug Music Pairings, there will be revealed a further complement of information, from Eric Lebel’s impressions of the harvest challenges of the year, to food pairing ideas, and recommendations for optimum storage and serving.

You too can rejoice in the magic of Krug! Let it transport you.




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