Watch Ann & Line’s fall | winter 2015 look book

Ann & Line was founded by French Designer Caroline Bodmer de Charentenay in 2013. Her journey has been quite interesting, nothing as you would expect from a Designer coming from Paris.

Believe it or not, her professional career began as an Osteopath! Before meeting her Swiss husband who would eventually bring her to our beloved Zurich, her calling was to heal the body. But always in style! Her office was designed to perfection and resembled more a Chanel inspired boudoir than a medical office.

Fashion and style have always held a big place in her life so no wonder why after taking the leap and moving here, she re-considered her calling. From healing the body she moved on to healing the spirit by designing very detailed, elegant and feminine pieces made from exceptional fabrics straight from the city of love.

And best of all, not only does she offer the highest quality possible, but also prices that most of us can afford.

So without any further due, let’s delve into the world of Ann & Line this season!

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