Art Basel 2017: Ruinart and Davidoff reveal their new art collaborations

Eva and Adele

Art Basel, world’s largest and acclaimed art fair, just celebrated its 47th anniversary with 291 galleries from 34 countries and 6 continents. Art Basel has established itself over the years as the world’s premier art show for Modern and contemporary art, sited in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. Each host city defines its own style and shows, reflected in its participating galleries and artworks presented.

I was fortunate to be invited to the Collector’s Lounge during the preview days leading to the opening of Art Basel. I got to attend Spanish Sculptor Jaume Plensa’s reveal of his creation, especially curated for Ruinart. I also got to meet this year’s Davidoff’s Art Edition artist, Rodell Warner. In honor of the limited edition of Davidoff’s latest cigar boxes (including limited edition Toro cigars), Rodell created five different renditions of  his collection “Nature Reimagined”.


Ruinart Champagne was founded in 1729 and was the first Champagne Maison in the world. Founder Dom Thierry Ruinart invented the concept of “wine with bubbles”. Even when no one else had ever heard of such concept, Mr Ruinart saw an opportunity and forsaw the potential for a huge success. Since its creation, the house has never ceased to develop and grow. Not only is Ruinart dedicated to its commitment to greatness but it is also committed to cultivating art and encouraging renowned artists to create their own vision of the House through their Art. Since 201o, Ruinart has become the official partner of Art Basel.

This year, Spanish Sculptor Jaume Plensa was commissioned by Ruinart to create a piece in homage to Dom Thierry Ruinart’s spirit and fascination with language and its alphabet. Jaume Plensa was the obvious choice amongst many sought after artists because of his distinct ability to use language to transmit a spiritual and philosophical message that go well beyond what is seen. His ability to use letters (from different alphabets) and the human body to express himself and simultaneously provoke the viewer is what Plensa is known for.

This particular piece took five months to complete.  The implicit face is both “the door to our soul” and “a gift offered to the people who look at us.” This sculpture represents not only the physical aspect of Dom Thierry Ruinart through the texts that he has re-transcribed, but also by the mere suggestion of his face, Jaume Plensa has been able to portray Ruinart in the most poetic and symbolic manner.


Davidoff Art Initiative in collaboration with My Art Guides operated a temporary venue in the heart of the city named “Basel Meeting Point”. 

Conceived as a creative retreat and a forum for the exchange of ideas while enjoying the company of others visiting the city during Art Basel in Basel, the Basel Meeting Point featured a program of talks and salon presentations, along with a display of works from all three Davidoff Limited Art Edition artists to date —Quisqueya Henríquez, Olivia McGilchrist and Rodell Warner, respectively. An unmissable highlight at the Basel Meeting Point was a site-specific installation by Rodell Warner.

If you didn’t get to visit Art Basel this year, make sure to schedule it in your 2018 calendar. Worth experiencing, at least once.

Featured image with Eve and Adele.

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