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Crafting this campaign, I tapped into the little girl in me who used to day dream about traveling the world, hopping from one luxury hotel to another with my best friends and then of course meeting my prince charming 🙂

As I got older I got to realize my dream, except that I met my prince charming elsewhere! I still love to hotel hop and create new memories everywhere I go. With experience, I have fine-tuned my repertoire and have gotten more critical. The places I visit must have soul, character and a unique signature. To me it is not about the Stars but about the experience and the way I feel. I love to live unique stories that I can transfer on ‘paper’ (or screen in our case!) and share.

For this campaign, I let my imagination take me back to my childhood dream and reclaim my fantasies! And Art B & B proved to be the perfect location to make my dream a reality, through the eyes of our models Milou and Timon.

I imagined two beautiful young travellers seeking the untapped, the undiscovered. She, a designer and he, a model.

They each had to come to Zurich for personal reasons and chose to stay at a boutique Art Deco Bed & Breakfast just outside the city to experience something new and unique.  Their main goal was to return home with stories to tell about their stay at this magical place they had heard of.

But little did they know that they would be at the center of their own story!

The best stories unfold when they are least expected with no one present to witness but the protagonists.  Some stories hit you like a ton of bricks but die out as quickly, others slowly wither away, while some withstand the test of time. But no matter what, Love will always remain a Mystery. It cannot be planned nor be deliberate, it just happens. Could happen at a bar, a park or in the case of our guests at a Bed & Breakfast!

Milou and Timon both came out of a story of their own and at times cannot help feeling melancholic, hoping one day to find love again.

While one is ready to leave for a meeting, the other is about to grab a drink at the hotel’s No1 bar before heading out to town to meet with friends.

Dress by BA&SH Paris

As they both got ready to take off, this happened …..

Art B&B | Bed & Breakfast | Food & Travel | Fashion & Beauty | Discover Out Loud
… At first sight …..

Stories unfold …

Art B&B | Bed & Breakfast | Food & Travel | Fashion & Beauty | Discover Out Loud

“Running through the pages of my heart.

Trying to find the places where you are.

Our Love is like a story.”

(Every Time I Close My Eyes feat. Jordan Frey)



MAKEUP | Helga Hanis & HAIR | Michail Sanidis

MILOU WEARS | BA&SH, Zara, Paul Green & Espadrilles by Havaianas

TIMON WEARS | EMYUN, Marc Stone & Claudia Güder

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