Balboa Move, an urban movement in Zurich

Over six months ago, a new “gym” opened in Zurich – Balboa Move . I call it a gym because it is a place where people come to work out but in reality it’s more than that. To me, Balboa is a place where you move your body, train your mind and feed your soul.

From the moment I stepped foot in it, I felt comfortable and drawn to it. I am not a gym person by any stretch of the imagination! And because of that, I need to find a place which makes me feel at ease and comfortable. Most workout studios are intimidating and unwelcoming. But Balboa is the opposite. It looks edgy and urban but it’s laid-back. The staff is friendly and helpful – you can tell they’re exactly where they want to be.

My next favorite thing about the location is the vegan restaurant housed in the studio. Roots & Friends offers a diverse menu with wholesome, fresh and healthy options, all beautifully displayed. You will feel Zero guilt from eating a meal there and your tummy will feel very happy 🙂

Photography courtesy of Balboa.

I got to meet two of the four founders – Erich Züger and Paco Savio. One is Swiss and the other is Argentinian – quite a mixture!

We sat and discussed their personal and business philosophy, their relationship, their dreams and aspirations.


Erich: Something very positive that makes you who you are.


Paco: Falling is learning. 


Erich: Oof, it’s the energy of everything.

Paco: A big mystery


Paco: Beauty is subjective, it’s provocative. Sometimes it’s not real and it’s not always the same. It’s very fluid in a way.


Erich: Hope is optimism. It’s a vision. Sometimes it’s the only thing  you have.


Paco: Fear is a Contemporary Paranoia!

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