Barcelona: my top three neighbourhoods

I just love Barcelona!! It’s vibrant. Dynamic. Fun. It allies the best of all worlds with its historical sites, booming neighborhoods and of course the sea. The weather is also a winner – the sun shines most of the year!!

When I travel, I like to live like the locals and experience the city as they would. I get excited when I find a small restaurant that only the locals are previewed to. But I also love finding out the scene, the hot spots where only the in-the-know people go!

Here I will introduce a few of the neighborhoods (barios) I love.

El Born



El Born sports an artistic edge with ties to a noble past. Once a seaside property for medieval aristocracy, this neighborhood now hosts a thriving creative community. Dozens of small museums and galleries complement revered attractions like El Born’s Museu Picasso. The area’s artsiness comes with its fair share of innocuous antagonism for “the establishment,” so be prepared for the unabashedly unpredictable when in the neighborhood. (copy @airbnb)

Photography @bookstyle



Gràcia enchants its visitors with hillside cafes, ethereal parks, and unmatched views of Barcelona below. To fully embrace their neighborhood’s otherworldly charm, Gràcia’s hip professionals and stylish bohemians get up early and stay out late. Fashionable attitudes permeate the neighborhood’s plazas, and a life lived among outdoor cafes fits the bill in this timeless classic near Barcelona’s core. (copy @airbnb)

El Poble Sec

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Tucked away in the shadow of Montjuïc, Barcelona’s “dry village” actually boasts the city’s cheapest bars. Transcending its previous reputation as a semi-seedy watering hole, Poble-sec is now renowned as one of Barcelona’s favorite destinations for fashionable nights out. Many of Barcelona’s best restaurants, tapas bars, and arts institutions make their mark in Poble-sec while its playful nature keeps it feeling down-to-earth despite its proximity to the heart of city. (copy @airbnb)

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