Beautitul suits walking the streets of Zurich

Featured image @Laird Bramish @classyballers

There is nothing like a man sporting a beautifully tailored suit with confidence and style. Italian men have always been known for their sense of style and innate charisma. But I have to admit that moving to Zurich opened my eyes and proved that Swiss men hold their own when it comes to swag. The big difference between the two is that the Italian is a natural born charmer and lover whereas the Swiss, not so much!! (to my dismay). They come across as reserved and quite standoffish. But once you get to know them, they open up and are quite fun actually.

But to get back to the meat of this topic, Swiss men, no matter their age, know how to wear a suit and they’re not shy about colors and tight fits. Thankfully!!!

Here are some snapshots of what I have gathered in the street of Zurich, mainly on Bahnofstrasse / Paradeplatz, bank central.

For the ladies who love the sight of suits, make plans with your friends after work at one (or all) of these places: L’Atelier Bar, LaStanza, Widder Bar just to name a few.

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2015-04-09 15.27.50  2015-03-11 15.08.30 copy

2015-04-10 16.12.28 copy



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