Beauty around the world


Today, due to industrialization and mediatization, Western standards have become the criterion for beauty to which most of us aspire.

But what really is beauty?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder yet very cultural. Each culture around the world has its own sets of standards. Some think The Bigger, The Sexier. Others think otherwise. Or in China, for example, girls with smaller feet are considered lovely while in Nigeria, ladies with long necks define elegance.

Projects from photographers like Romanian Mihaela Noroc, have revealed and opened our eyes to the diverse models of beauty found in our world.

Let the images transport you 🙂

Africa Femme Voilee
Shiraz, Iran @Atlas of Beauty
Kayan Tribe in Thailand
Maramures, Romania @theatlasofbeauty
Atlas_beauty_feeldesain_Tibetan Plateau, Tibet
Tibetan Plateau @The Atlas of Beauty


Featured image


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