How is it to be a Vegetarian in Zurich today? Is it easy?

How is it to be a Vegetarian in Zurich today?

It cannot be easy to be a Vegetarian, especially in Zürich where meat is the center piece of parties. It’s also not easy being a Vegetarian if you seek taste, quality and variety.  And just because there’s no meat, it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy or calorie-free!

More and more cities are now adopting Vegetarianism and its place in the Gastronomy world and understand the importance of giving it the value it deserves from a financial point of view. It’s a big market which has grown exponentially in the past few years since End Users are educating themselves better about the quality and origins of the food they consume.

Luckily, there are a couple of very good Vegetarian restaurants in Zürich that offer a healthy and yummy alternative cuisine! A couple of them are my weekly Go-To places!

My favorite one is Hiltl.

I learned while doing research that according to “Guinness World Records” Hiltl was founded in 1898 by Ambrosius Hiltl and was the first vegetarian restaurant in the world! It’s still a family business that is run by the fourth generation of Hiltl.  It offers around 500 dishes and includes a cooking studio and a shop…(by

Then comes Tibits!

Same concept and look at Hiltl but fewer options. It’s probably better for those who apprehend having to choose! It’s an easy-going atmosphere that lends itself to take aways, quick bites or work meetings.

And last but not least, is Samses.

Off of Langstrasse, Samses is more restaurant like than the previous two but shares the same concept. Much fewer options than the latter two still decent. It’s ideal for those in that neighborhood who don’t feel like going too far. And  to make it even more tempting, they offer a “Buffet Monday” once a month with prices reduced by 30%!

For all three restaurants, you pay by weight, so you can take as much or as little as you want!

En Guete!

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