Bergspa Hotel La Val: ideal setting to eat well, play and lounge

Bergspa Hotel La Val: ideal setting to eat well, play and lounge

Prior to this past week, I had never heard of Brigels, let alone of Bergspa Hotel La Val . There are so many scenic places in Switzerland that it’s virtually impossible to keep up with all of them, which is a shame because each canton, village and hotel has its own signature style and charm. It’s always so exciting when I get to discover a new place! It almost feels like I get rewarded for exploring.

Once again, I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to uncover a very special place led by very unique people. Had it not been for my friends at Compresso, I may had never known such place existed. Bergspa Hotel La Val turned out to be an ideal setting to eat, play and relax while having great conversations.


The entire ride from Zürich to our final train stop was so picturesque and romantic – mountains, some rocky but mostly coated with a thick layer of grass so green and bright that the only way to keep the gaze was by wearing sun glasses. Along the way, a few Moohs (commonly known as Cows) made an appearance, totally oblivious to their surroundings, only worrying about fuelling their tummies with their favorite snack. They were just chillin’ with no worries in the world!

Upon arriving to our final destination, we got greeted by the manager of the hotel Marcel David with a big white smile! He was young, tanned and dressed in what appeared to be a traditional jacket. Later on we would discover that his trademark style are his pink socks! (also the accent color of the hotel)

As we arrived, the hotel surrounded by nature, looked nice, well-kept and cozy. I must admit that I was expecting to see what I had already seen many times – a traditional chalet style building perfect for winter gateways. What I ended discovering was quite different. My very first reaction was literally “Wow!” From the moment I walked in I genuinely felt comfortable and good. The decor was Alpine Modern chic with a touch of bright pink throughout with beautiful summery flowers. Everyone in the staff was dressed in a traditional outfit which I thought was really refreshing and charming. They were all smiles! After a few minutes, Cornelia the better half of Marcel, came in with a huge smile and welcomed each of us with such warmth! She looked like she had just come out of a fairy book with her beautiful Dirndl dress and her immaculately coiffed bun.


Cornelia and Marcel David met while they were both working on cruise ships. I’m sure her voice and presence on stage had a little something to do with getting his attention! They fell in love and a few years later decided that they had seen the world and learned a lot (especially about hospitality and guest services) and now were ready to take a leap and create a brand new future for themselves. And leading a hotel in a remote mountain village was the most obvious choice!

They now manage the Bergspa Hotel La Val and made it their own by adding their personal touch where possible.

La Val counts 34 rooms and suites, 2 restaurants, a wellness spa and countless other amenities.


I stayed in Combra Luxeriusa, a large double room in the deluxe Grisons style with a view balcony facing the Surselva mountains. Perfect room for a couple – bright, comfortable and spacious enough.


Both lunch and dinner were diligently and beautifully crafted by award-winning Chef Rudolf Möller and his team. The inspiration comes from the Mediterranean cuisine with subtle hints to local traditional recipes. The products are local and seasonal as much as possible with a clear emphasis on quality and aesthetics.

I was very thankful to the entire staff for incorporating my dietary needs into their menu and never missing a beat.


Sadly the weather was not being very cooperative that day so part of the planned excursions didn’t happen. Having said that we made the most of it and ended up walking to the village to learn about the process of cheese making. The facility was modern with state-of-the-art equipment. I admit that I had completely different assumptions before hand which was far more rudimentary and ignorant! Needless to say I was positively surprised. Thankfully it was a cold day because I can only imagine the smell of cheese in small closed quarters when it’s hot.

We went back to the hotel and got surprised with a delicious afternoon snack! (not that we hadn’t just eaten 2 hours before!) Wine, Prosecco, cheese, bread, cold cuts and even Raclette were awaiting us!


What can I say? 500 square meters of pure joy and tranquility! I was quite surprised at the size of the spa and never imagined it would be that big. It has everything one needs when seeking peace, quiet and pampering. I indulged in their signature herbal massage made of fresh herbs picked locally. They are tailored made to meet the needs and wants of clients. I fell asleep almost immediately after my masseuse began her magic on me! I felt extremely relaxed and serene.

And right after my massage I went to the herbal and Finnish saunas to prolong the bliss a little longer!

And to end an already fantastic day with a Big Bang, we got our own private performance from no other than Cornelia! This lady can definitely sing! How great and unique is it to be in a hotel where the hosts are not only professional but also personable and fun? I will definitely go back.

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