Booster Pilates opening studio in Seefeld

Featured image by Booster Pilates

Booster Pilates is opening a new studio in Seefeld!  They will offer more than 100 classes per week. There will also introduce indoor-cycling and Barre, hottest trends in Los Angeles and New York!

Booster Pilates incorporates the technology and the energy necessary to boost fitness and well-being to a whole new level. Inspired by Pilates with the integration of cardio and strength training elements, this total body workout reshapes quickly, safely and is even fun!

The Booster Pilates studio in Zurich is the only one in Switzerland to offer this innovative and effective approach to full body conditioning.

Let’s all celebrate the official launch party of Booster Pilates on May 30th, starting at 1pm. The details will be revealed by the end of this week.


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