Brand of Sisters – scarves with intention

I first met Brand of Sisters during their Pop-Up event in Zurich. Based on what I had read about them, I was quite eager to hear their story.

Brand of Sisters is a fashion brand which key goal is to educate and empower girls and women around the world. To help facilitate this vision, half of everything they make goes directly to the cause. They ally themselves with new and established fashion designers, like Gabriele Colangelo, who create the most beautiful and unique scarves. So not only you will feel good about spending your money but you will also look good!

This interview shows a side of partnership we don’t get to witness that often. My goal was to have the founders Barbara Portaluri and Martina Vondruska have an open and genuine conversation with each-other and discuss their journey together as well as the ups and downs that accompanied it. As consumers we only see the final product but don’t understand  the hard work that lies behind it.

And the scarves are just beautiful!!!

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