Burning Man, Zurich style

Featured image by me!


The inhabitants of Zurich just bid goodbye to winter by setting a cute, innocent snowman, Böög on fire. It took 20.19 minutes for it to happen. According to legend, the faster the Böög’s head, filled with firecrackers, explodes, the better and longer the summer will be. I would have to completely disagree and call it a tale! (sorry to all the believers!) My first Böög took about 30 minutes or so to burst and we had the best summer counted for in years 🙂 So let’s see what this summer will bring us!

The event was full of surprises and excitements. Groups on horseback, representing some of the guilds, galloped around him to the music of the Sechseläuten march, until the Böögg finally exploded. In the evening, the guilds visit one another in their guildhouses, where jovial, witty speeches are given. Many of the old guild houses are located on the banks of the Limmat river, where such visits could previously be made by boat. Here are some pictures.

   Sechselaeuten_fotopia 2

2015-04-13 13.24.20 copy

2015-04-13 13.54.24 copy

           2015-04-13 10.57.19 copy

2015-04-13 13.18.59 copy

2015-04-13 10.52.04 copy

2015-04-13 10.43.31 copy

2015-04-13 13.47.04 copy

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