Carlton Hotel St. Moritz where luxury meets nature

Carlton Hotel St. Moritz

The holidays are already behind us but thankfully the excitement of a new year filled with hope, fun and Luxury Escapes is still there. With each new chapter comes the promise of a better, grandeur tomorrow. And what better way to start implementing those ideals than by planning holidays?

When it comes to luxury and holidays, Swiss ski resorts come to mind immediately. Switzerland known around the world for its majestic and stunning mountains, houses some of the most sought-after resorts. Ski has been for decades the Go-to hobby of the rich and famous. Like Golf, it is the perfect networking tool – not on the slopes clearly but rather during Après-Ski or at five-star hotel lounges where guests mingle with their like-minded colleagues while subtly asserting their social standing!

One of the most recognised resorts in the world for it’s over the top, in-your-face luxury is St Moritz – the epitome of opulence. Bubbles, sparkles and fur coats everywhere – from the slopes, to the lake to the streets. Having said that, it is not only for the flashy. It also attracts old school, private people who simply enjoy luxury for what it is and not for what it means. (I am one of them!)

Without say, resorts would not survive if it weren’t for the hotels hosting their guests. One of them is the Carlton St. Moritz where I had the pleasure to reside for three nights. The words to best describe my experience are:



The five-star hotel, part of Swiss Deluxe Hotels, is located in the Engadine High Valley, just a couple of hours drive from Zürich. It can also be reached by train or plane (located minutes away from Europe’s highest airport).

A few historic facts before we delve into the details of my experience. The hotel officially opened its doors in 1913. Rumour has it that this grand edifice was set to be the summer residence of Czar Nicolaj II., grandson of the Czar Alexander II. No one however seems to have ever seen the family! In fact, they say that the story was completely made up by one of the former owners hoping to attract more attention from the riches of the world. The strategy worked – to this day, people still don’t know if the story was fabricated! And to keep the mystery alive, Carlo Rampazzi, Interior Designer, completely refurbished the hotel, using the Russian Czar as his muse.

After decades of financial ups and downs and multiple owners, the Carlton managed to once again re-invent itself in the hands of its new parents, the Tschuggen family. They saw beyond the struggle and expenses and invested their efforts to re-position the hotel amongst the best in Switzerland.

This past December marked the 10th anniversary of the re-opening of the Carlton after 18 months of total renovations. One of the things that sets it apart from other hotels of its genre, is that the Carlton turned all its rooms into suites (60 Junior Suites and Suites), all overlooking the lake of St. Moritz and the Upper Engadine.


From the moment I got picked up from the train station to the moment I walked into the hotel, my senses went in overdrive! Every detail was designed to transport the guest to a world only a very lucky few are previewed to. The interiors, colors and style were reminiscent of old Russia but in a comfortable and open way.

General Manager Philippe Clarinval and PR Manager Evelyn Gorgos came down to welcome us personally followed by our sweet Butler Favio who escorted us to our room. Can you imagine, our own Butler? I have to admit that I could easily get used to this lifestyle!!

The lobby was not at the same level as the front desk. I think perhaps to create wonder and excitement upon the discovery of a new room filled with light and life.


Our suite was the size of a normal city apartment with a million dollar view! Once again all the details had been carefully designed and executed. As guests, we had nothing to worry or think about – all we had to do is call our Butler Favio and he would take care of it all!

This was just the beginning of an amazing weekend to come! How could I ever go back to a normal life after this? 🙂


One of the days, we all woke up early, bundled up and got ready for a day in nature, led by our sweet outdoor Butler Urs. Our companions for the day were the most regal horses around. All we had to do is let our horse carriage lead the way while we enjoyed the scenery of the Roseg Valley. After an hour, as we built quite an appetite from the cold, we stopped for lunch at hotel Rosegg Gletscher where we stuffed ourselves with fondue and raclette!

After a long day of excursion, some of us opted to continue the pampering at the Spa! My massage was so relaxing – perfect ending to an already perfect day.


Restaurants DaVittorio and Romanoff

Although our group was the only one to dine at La Vittorio and Romanoff during our stay (season had not officially started), we filled up the rooms with so much laughter and energy that it felt like there were hundreds of us! Some of the guests were Zurich’s all time favorite Fashion Consultant Clifford Lilley, Comedian and radio Host Tamara Cantieni, lifestyle blogger Beatrice Lessi from Ask the Monsters, Designer and owner of Naughty Linen Jurgita, Instagrammers Patrick Ascher , Flenour (Josefine), Amrei Ines of Cohoba, just to name a few as the list was much longer.

Three times Michelin starred brothers Enrico and Roberto Cerea treated us to a dinning experience like no other – one delightful surprise after another ending with a rendition of Lucio Fontana’s tempo dell’attesa inspired dessert! While most dishes were haute cuisine style, we also got to indulge in Da Vittorio’s notorious pasta alla pomodoro! So simple yet so delicious.

At the Romanoff we relished in fine authentic Swiss cuisine from Chef Gero Porstein. Again, a pure delight for the palate and the sight.

Aside from the food and service, I will remember Chef Enrico Cerea’s good humour and humility the most. His attitude was so relaxed that you would never imagine that this man has managed to get 3 Michelin Stars!

Thank you again for a wonderful stay and hope to be back soon!

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