How adding Collagen to my morning routine has changed my life

Collagen has changed my life
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I am all about foods that make me pretty and glow! Our skin is made up mostly of collagen, about 70 percent. Collagen is what keeps our skin youthful and firm. When we get to our 20’s the collagen starts declining, and once we hit 35 it declines even more. By the time we are 60,  we have half of the amount of collagen that we had in our 20’s.

Less collagen means skin that starts to sag. Dry skin and wrinkles start to show. I know this sounds really doom and gloom and just sad. Don’t get sad just yet! There are many things we can do to naturally reverse the aging process. I am all about that! Who isn’t?  One of my top beauty tricks has been adding collagen to my diet.

If you have read my other articles you would know that I was a Vegan half of my life. I recently stopped living in a diet box and have been giving my body what it needs. I still don’t eat meat but maybe one day I will. For now, it doesn’t appeal to me. Collagen is a white powder you throw into your smoothies, tea or coffee in the morning. I pretend it’s vitamins and it doesn’t taste like anything. The benefits have been incredible. I recommend to my vegan and vegetarian clients to try it out. If it’s too much of a stretch there is also Marine based collagen. Live a little out of the box and you never know what can happen!

I have been taking collagen for about 3 months now and this is what I have seen so far.

My hair is fuller, nails are stronger (they were very brittle), skin is brighter, skin feels firmer and softer, more energy.

I could go on and on about how wonderful I think adding collagen to your diet can be. They call it natures fountain of youth.  Here are top things that adding collagen to your diet can do for you.

  • Helps eliminate cellulite, scars, stretch marks.
  • Heals the gut – helps heal your gut which is good for people with food sensitivities like Candida or any autoimmune issues.
  • Helps eliminate wrinkles, shrinks the pores and adds moisture to your skin and gives you a glow.
  • Helps reduce sugar cravings.
  • Promotes Weight loss – this is because collagen is a protein. It keeps you full and satiates your hunger. It also helps your body stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Helps with joint pain, inflammation and stiffness.
  • Makes your hair fuller, strengthens nails and teeth.
  • Helps promote energy and focus.

There are many more benefits to adding collagen to your diet. Make sure to choose quality brands. Look for organic, grass-fed and pasture raised.  I have two favorite brands of collagen. One is Vital Proteins. They have marine collagen and grass-fed, pasture raised peptides collagen.

The other is Further Foods. They have just launched a Marine Collagen and I have been using their Collagen peptides.

Further Foods has a lot of useful recipes on their website and more articles about the benefits of collagen. They were nice enough to give the readers of Discover Out Loud a 10 % discount with free shipping. Go to their website and when checking out use code : Wholeandhappylife10 . I do not make money off these brands. I only share brands that I stand behind. I am your guinea pig! LOL

Let me know how adding collagen to your diet has changed your life!

Eat Happy. Live Happy



Photography by Matt Beard.

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