#DeliciousTicino extravaganza at Eden Roc Ascona

Let me first begin with this:  “What a blast!”

Eden Roc, in Ascona, invited a bunch of fun, easy to be with, open-minded bloggers and foodies alike from all around Switzerland and Germany for a 2-day #DeliciousTicino total luxury extravaganza. This was by far the most fun I’ve had in a group setting. We were all there to celebrate, indulge and connect – we accomplished that and more!

Like I mentioned last year in my article about Hotel hopping in Ticino, somehow this beautiful region managed to stay under the radar and sadly skipped the tourism craze that Italy benefited from. For those of us living in the German part of Switzerland, finding a ray of sunshine during the dreadful months of winter is like quenching your thirst when the heat is at its peak in the summer.

Ticino is our saviour when chasing the sun! While the rest of Switzerland endures extreme temperatures and dark skies daily, Ticino relishes in its plentiful supply of Vitamin D!

Ticino has increased its efforts to grow its visibility and show the world why tourists from around the world should visit them – you get the Italian swag but with the Swiss perks (opulence, beauty, top service, safety and cleanliness).

And one of the efforts has been designed by Hotel Eden Roc with the lead of its amazing Director of Communications, Evelyn Gorgos, who for the second time this year organized a luxury and foodie gateway for bloggers only (#DeliciousTicino). Let me reiterate how fun it was! See it for yourself with this video filmed by Tschuggen Hotel Group!


The five-star hotel, part of Swiss Deluxe Hotels, is located on the shore of  Lake Maggiore, a hop and a skip away from Ascona’s Piazza. One could be mislead to think of it as a smaller boutique hotel based on its entrance. But once you enter, you quickly realize that it’s a hotel that keeps on giving! Its offerings and interiors are as diverse and colorful as its clientele.  It has 58 rooms between Eden Roc and Marina, 5 restaurants, and a 2000 m² spa including an indoor and outdoor panoramic pool! In the summer, guests can enjoy a myriad of activities from lounging at the beach with a glass (or two) of champagne to water skiing, to sailing.


Afternoon warm-up

We all arrived in the afternoon and after a tour of the hotel, we got to dress up and play with our cameras. So much fun! The Indian summer blessed us with its presence and created a summer-like atmosphere late October! I was really impressed by the list of attendees, as diverse as it could have been. All ages and backgrounds were represented in our group – from Zürich’s all time favorite Fashion Consultant Clifford Lilley, to Comedian and radio Host Tamara Cantieni, to lifestyle blogger Beatrice Lessi from Ask the Monsters, Foodie and best-selling author Nadia Damaso, to Designer and owner of Naughty Linen Jurgita, to just name a few.

Cooking class then Party in the kitchen!!

In the evening, we got to watch Michelin-starred Cerea brothers of Da Vittorio entertain and teach us how to make Risotto and pomodoro pasta. They made it look so simple but I’m sure I won’t be able to replicate that easily!

The party in the kitchen was so much fun! We ate, drank and danced all night long (at least for some!)


Unfortunately I had to cut my trip short and leave in the afternoon of day two but I still got to enjoy a couple of really nice treats.

Lunch at Grotto America

An hour after a pretty copious breakfast, we were taken to Grotto America, an ancient Grotto tucked away in the middle of nature, for lunch! They weren’t kidding with the name #DeliciousTicino! 

Grotto America, sits by Maggia River and is part of mid-century village Ponte Brolla. Travellers dreaming of migrating to North America would meet in this village to catch boats headed to Port of Genoa. One of these Ticinese families decided to return to their mother country and invest their money into this Grotto which they named America in honor of the past. Multiple renovations were done over the years but the original look and feel always remained.

The food is traditional from the region, made with local products. Vegetarians won’t find many options on the menu but will definitely not leave starving! If anything they can always fill their tummy with the local wines!

And one of the things I applaud the Buvoli brothers and father for, is their appreciation of art and their desire to promote local artists by giving them a stage to perform and a corner to exhibit their art during peak season (it closes from October to April).

Visit to the Sergio Villa gallery

Carlo Rampazzi, Architect and Interior Designer of Eden Roc, gave us an exclusive tour of the gallery and his line of limited furniture, accessories and fabrics. A man of great charisma, stature and distinct personality, Carlo Rampazzi has definitely mastered the art of color and texture. He is as flashy and vivid as his brand! A total delight for the sight 🙂

I am looking forward to going back to Eden Roc during summer!

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