Discover Out Loud celebrates at secret spot Kasheme

MO Tschabold & Nicolas Müller

Discover Out Loud had its first social gathering at secret spot Kasheme this past Thursday!

What a year this has been! Thank you to everyone who believed in me and went along with my crazy ideas! This social gathering meant so much to me. Nick Mazrekaj, owner of Kasheme, and I wanted to share a special evening with our friends and colleagues which hopefully they will remember for a while.

Kasheme is a hidden gem! This secret and sexy lounge is tucked away in Zurich’s red light district which no one can find unless invited!

Our guest list was comprised of the most talented, beautiful and successful people in Zurich. We all mingled, snacked on the yummy amuse bouches prepared by our friends at MAC + BROEK, savoured the wine from Smith & Smith all the while moving to the beats of the Pianist and DJ.

I cannot wait for our next gathering!

And a HUGE thank you to our photographer Cesar Martins @Chaya.Photo!

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