Escape from reality: discovering Corsica and Sardinia by sea

Discovering Corsica and Sardinia

One of my favorite things about living in Switzerland is the ease of travel within Europe and the proximity in which all the countries are. In a matter of couple of hours, everything, from the climate to the language, culture and vegetation can completely change. I’d love to share my temporary escape from reality by sailing through the islands of Corsica and Sardinia.

Last week within less than two hours we were in Ajaccio (South West of Corsica) where we began the most unforgettable, blissful and exquisite holiday ever. For seven days, I let the sound of the Mediterranean sea cradle me and the waves carry me to my destinations.  Every evening I watched the sun descend and flocks of birds, blinded  by the golden glow of the water, fly away. Every morning I woke up to a beautiful and peaceful sea near a small island or port between Corsica and Sardinia. Words alone cannot describe the scenery and how I felt. Let’s just say that the pictures alone should do a good job explaining!

Let the journey begin!



We arrived to Ajaccio on a gorgeous sunny day and went directly to Port Tino Rossi where to my biggest surprise a big, sleek, sexy Catamaran was awaiting us! I really didn’t expect it to be that big! It had 4 rooms (double occupancy) with each their own bathroom, a small living area and kitchen. Not to mention decks on both sides and a small lounge bed on the roof! This holiday got off an a very good start!

Our Skipper Robin gave us the tour as well as the essential security rules in case of a turbulence or accident. Let’s just say that I prayed really hard it wouldn’t get to that point!

We all went to the store and bought food to last us the entire week since we were planning on eating on board most of the time with dinner breaks off shore whenever possible. Since it was my first time living on a boat for a period of time, I went with the flow and did what I was told.

I was officially on holiday and for the first time, I didn’t have to think or worry about anything other than being navigated (literally) and basking in the moment full-heartedly.

I can’t really remember in detail the order in which all the stops happened so I will just describe my top places and make your mouth water and tease your curiosity enough that you will plan your next vacation right after this read!


Our first big stop was in Bonifacio, one of the most picturesque cities in the Mediterranean, at intersection between Corsica and Sardinia. Its cliffs are being classified for UNESCO’s world heritage list. Aside from its apparent beauty, one of the things that impressed me the most (and especially the kids) was La Caverne d’Ali Bonbon! If you are into candy, you will become even more obsessed after you discover this wonder place, and if you’re not into it,  you will definitely find a whole new appreciation for it! I had never seen anything like this before – a bottomless pit of candy in a super cool setting! But not cheap!


A MUST SEE!!!! Truly a Wonder with its breathtaking crystal clear waters and fine white sand. If you were to just pick one island stop, this should be the one. The small island is connected to the land by a sand bank which is only one foot high (total guesstimation!). We parked our Catamaran by a buoy and swam to the warm and turquoise bank where we played, ran and chilled.


We stopped at the charming beach town Propriano for one last food refill and have dinner. Really cute with lots of character and color. The scent of Jasmine was as calming and soothing as the rays of the sun at sunset.


I will combine it all in one place. Just know that no matter where you go you will find beauty. That is a Guarantee!


Bays, creeks, sea, sun and lots of play! We were very well-equipped to catch the biggest fish (or a bunch of smaller ones) but the fishing gods weren’t on our side this time. Rather than despair and not have any fish at all, we found a fisherman who was eager to share his catch with us (bleak day for him too actually). We got 4 Dorades and filet them like the experts we are (or my cousin did)! Delicious!!!


I must admit that although I fully enjoy the local experience, I also have no problem indulging in total luxury and a little extravagance! For those of you who feel the same then Porto Cervo is your spot. I would probably not enjoy spending my entire holiday there because it is indeed quite artificial and void of true character, but a day or two is fun. Just watching people parade their wealth around and see them take themselves so seriously is quite entertaining.  The Port smells luxury and opulence. Everything is catered to the riches and famous. From Jay-Z to Rhianna to local celebrities, the Who’s Who of the world meets there in the summer. But having said that, it is also a beautiful village with a lot of charm.

Are you ready to escape reality too? I highly recommend getting a boat and sailing through the islands of the Mediterranean and discover Corsica and Sardinia.

“It is not about how far you travel, but what you discover when you are there.”

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