One easy tip for luscious lips without breaking your bank

One easy tip for luscious lips without breaking your bank

Not everyone is blessed naturally with sexy, luscious lips. Once in a while, especially when going out, I would love to sport a nice bright lipstick without feeling self-conscious about it because my lips are too thin.

But there is a trick to make them look plumper with a simple highlighting technique. All you need is a concealer, an eyeshadow buffing brush and a bright lipstick (a lip pencil will work too)!



  1. Dab the buffing brush across the top of the concealer stick. Don’t be shy, go for it!
  2. Start at an outer corner and sweep the brush along the perimeter of the lip area toward’s the cupid’s bow (The Cupid’s bow is said to resemble the bow of Cupid, the Greek god of erotic love!)
  3. Continue sweeping the brush from the cupid’s bow to the other corner.
  4. Repeat on the bottom lip perimeter.
  5. Now buff it in along the top lip perimeter.
  6. And continue buffing it in along the bottom lip perimeter.
  7. Finish by filling in the lip area with your favorite bright lip color or lip pencil.

Et voila!!

beauty-lips-red-lips-favim 2

Below are some recommendations on the tools to use in case you’re overwhelmed by the number of products out there, and especially if you just moved to Zurich and can’t find your usual CVS or Sephora favorites.


Maybelline_New_York_Fit_Me_Anti_Shine_Foundation_Stick_9ml_1380794452bobbibrownFACE TOUCH UP STICKclarins

 Eye shadow buffing brush

  • Urban Decay Good Karma Shading Brush – can be found at Manor

urbandecay-Good Karma Shading Brush 2

Lipstick or Lip Liner

  • Any of your favorites will do.
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