Fade – fashion, art and design in one event

Fade – Fashion, Art and Design in one event!

Two ladies, Petra and Rebekka, each coming from different backgrounds and walks of life decided to join forces to fill a gap they felt existed in Zurich. They created an event comprising the perfect ingredients that appeal to big companies, artists and spectators alike – Competition, Award, Beauty, Entertainment and Charity.

Fade, best of fashion, art and design
Fade Founders Rebekka and Petra

This idea spun from a beauty contest where they were both models and realized the potential of such platform if executed properly. Petra and Rebekka put on their thinking gloves and started manifesting things by reaching out to all their contacts. And what began as an idea very quickly (or I should say very rapidly) morphed into a full on show where small and big brands, new and experienced designers, all worked together. The result was pretty astonishing considering how much happened in one night!

Of all the amazing discoveries, one that really surprised me was how innovative, creative and talented were the fashion students from STF. I mean making an entire collection out of paper napkins?

Beauty Alliance Suisse, Jelmoli, Globus, Marionnaud, Dr. Bähler Dropa AG, Estée Lauder, Sisley, Lancôme, Filabé, Clarins, Viliv, Mercedes Benz Fragrance, Versace Dylan Blue, Collab Zurich, STF School, the charity organization Look Good Feel Better, the models, designers, and artists all came together that evening to celebrate life, beauty and hope.

See it for yourself!

A very special thanks to MindsEye for the music and Julius Hatt for the featured image!



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