Styles straight from the streets of Tehran

This is probably not what you expected to see coming out of the streets of Tehran! The fashion scene is blossoming.

Today, I want to introduce some of today’s top Iranian designers. After the revolution, strict guidelines were instilled in regards to women’s clothing under the islamic regime. “All females, including girls in first grade, were forced to observe the hejab, or Islamic dress code.” Since then, many women have learned to express themselves in a very creative way within the imposed boundaries. Amazing fashion designers have emerged from this new movement. They are turning the traditional conservative hijab and manteau into a chic accessory that I’m sure will become a Western trend sooner than we think.

These designers are some of the most popular ones in Iran today. @NaghmehKiumarsi , @coralindesign, and @pooshfashion. Post inspired by buzzfeed

This Vice article says it best: Fashion show in Tehran

Photography by @pinterest, @Irantimes, @tehrantimes, @clarionproject, @joojooazad, @NaghmehKiumarsi , @coralindesign, and @pooshfashion.

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