Fashion Show at Gris with top Swiss Designers

Fashion Week is in full motion all over the world, even in Zurich! Switzerland, not officially known as The fashion country will surprise you with the number of talents it produces every year. And rightfully so, proudly flaunts its achievements whenever possible.

Gris, Alliance des Createurs Suisses, is a concept store where Swiss labels are beautifully showcased and promoted. In a world where fast fashion is damaging both the environment and the economy, it’s inspiring to meet people like store owner Esther de Boer whose chore values lie in sustainability but also in the promotion of local talents and goods.

Top brands in the likes of PAMB, Studio Winkler, Avec Nono, Marc StonePaola de MichielLela Scherrer, Ida Gut, Envoyage, Gentle Earth,Winterberger, Maison des Talons, Stefan Steiner, Digimorphé, Real True, Christina Krämer, Paradis des Innocents and Spiess-Nielsen got to present their Fall/Winter 2016-17 in the spirit of Fashion Week. We had the pleasure at Discover Out Loud to ask some of the Designers a couple of questions on the fly!



As always, thank you Cesar Martins from Chaya Photo for the beautiful pictures and assistance!

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