I sat in the Ferrari 488 and the very unexpected happened

Ferrari 488 GTB Test Drive

To most luxury cars and speed aficionados, driving a Ferrari is THE ultimate dream come true because to them:


For me until a few days ago, June 1st to be precise, not only was Ferrari not part of my consciousness but it also meant pure dread. For the past few years, driving on freeways and scenic roads has given me major anxiety.

Interesting you would say considering that I lived in Los Angeles, city where it is virtually impossible to get around without a car. I used to drive all the time and everywhere until one day, out of the blue, I began to experience panic attacks while behind the wheel. Slowly but surely, especially after moving to New York then to Zürich, I pretty much almost stopped driving because there was no need to, thanks to accessible and reliable public transportation (side note: NYC could certainly benefit from the Swiss know-how on this subject!)

Luckily my husband loves taking the wheel and can easily travel anywhere by car. And the faster the better! But how sad and limiting is it for me? Not only has anxiety robbed me of my self-confidence but also of my independence (in the context of driving). I am not sure how anyone can relate to what I am writing unless they have personally experienced it. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for my scare or any logic explanation. I never experienced a car accident or some tragic event to explain this sudden inquietude. It just happened.

I’m sure by now you must be wondering how my anxiety has anything to do with Ferrari? Usually when reading about sports cars, especially this particular brand, the obvious are mentioned: type of engine, model, cylinder, performance, etc.. topics which by the way are completely foreign to me! But for those familiar with my style, you know that I don’t like to write about the obvious and enjoy adding my personal twist to hopefully inspire and help others in the meantime.

So last week, out of the blue, I received an invitation to test drive the Ferrari 488 GTB sports car, winner of the “Engine of the Year” Award but also THE fastest V8 in the current model range! Instinctively I said yes. There was no doubt in my mind that I would ever turn down such an exciting opportunity. But once the idea settled in, I realized that I would have to drive a Ferrari, not only for a few minutes down the road, but on an obstacle course, on the Freeway then up to the curvy hills! OMG what did I do to myself and why? (lol) The Universe was clearly letting me know that it was about time I got out of my comfort zone and got over this silly fear! Ok then, let’s do this!

The first thing I saw upon checking in to the scenic and romantic Villa Honegg, were 3 beautiful Ferraris parked in the front. They were so sexy! The moment I saw them, reality set in and I knew I had to up my game, regardless of how terrified I was.

The morning of, I was a wreck! The Ferrari team was probably wondering why someone like me had been invited! I mean this was a Ferrari Test Drive at the end of the day! And they were probably too polite to show their annoyance and did their very best to accommodate my butterflies 🙂 To cut a long story short, one of Ferrari’s team members drove me down, in my shiny red car, to help ease the introduction and from there I was let to drive.

I cannot describe how it felt to sit in this car! First of all, its charisma and presence are felt and heard from miles away. The design of the new Ferrari 488 GTB coupé is refined, distinct and very sexy. Its new style reflects the droptop driving pleasure focus of its sportiness and performance. And let’s not forget the roaring sound of the sweet engine – beyond exhilarating and powerful!

After only a few minutes I got the Ferrari buzz and felt unstoppable – still a bit uneasy but definitely open and ready.

My Adrenaline and Endorphins kicked in big time – not only did I feel elated and fierce but also totally empowered (ok truth to be told, this car was designed for experts but also regular people because its extreme power is also easily controllable!). I think at that moment, I got over my fear (still to be tested long-term). And all I could think of was my article. My Ferrari story would definitely surprise most people with its unexpected angle! I don’t think many have ever juxtaposed the Fast & Furious with Anxiety Therapy! 🙂 But in my case the fastest engine ever freed me of my limiting belief system. How cool is that?

Miracles are everywhere and often times they hide behind unforeseen opportunities. But don’t lose sight that Opportunities do not just happen. We create them! Had I let my fear take charge, I would have never lived an experience that will forever stay with me.

Thank you my beautiful shiny 488!




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