Food on my mind: introducing Mac & Broek

One evening as I was coming home from a dinner I noticed unusual movement and lights coming from my local flower shop Blumen Oertig. I looked closer and what I saw really amazed me. The flower shop had been turned into a pop-up restaurant. I don’t know how such a small space could accommodate so many tables and people but somehow it did. The organisers had beautifully allied the natural settings of the store with their vision and it just worked.

I was too embarrassed to take pictures but took note of the name of the organisers and emailed them right away. I had never heard of Mac & Broek before that evening and didn’t know what to expect at all. But upon checking their website I could tell that the founders Stacie and Gill had a keen eye for design and seemed to have found their niche. We talked and arranged an interview. We broke the ice right away with jokes and felt at ease immediately. They told me they were nervous to be in front of the camera but it certainly didn’t show! They were so natural that I thought they were pulling my leg!

Food on my mind: introducing Mac & Broek

Stacie moved to Zürich about eleven years ago from the US via London and Gill, originally from Ireland, moved to Zürich about five years ago also via London. They began their catering journey together about nine months ago. What they have accomplished in such a short time is amazing – probably because they stay authentic to themselves and would never commit to anything that doesn’t speak to them. They only cook dishes they would eat themselves, using seasonal ingredients. And to keep their minds sharp and remain creative, they organise pop-up dinners at the most unusual locations.

I recommend signing up to their upcoming secret Pop-Up scheduled in May. The location will surprise you!

For more information on booking Mac & Broek for your next party, go to their site.

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