A beautiful collaboration – a visual diary of four Creative friends in NYC

There is nothing more powerful, inspiring and fun than having great friends with whom you can not only laugh or cry but also create!

While I was in New York a couple of weeks ago, I took the opportunity to bring together three beautiful and talented women to do a shoot, Lower East-Side Style! The Big Apple has a way to bring out the creative in me like no other place can – something to be said about the energy, spirit and ebullience soaring from this island.

We didn’t have a script or even a clear vision. We chose to go with the flow and see where it would take us (quite easy task given our location!).

Our Non-Negotiables were to have: Fun, Beautiful Footage and the Lower East Side as our backdrop.

Have a peek into our afternoon – a visual diary of four creative friends! Thank you Ioana for capturing the essence of the day so well with this fun edit!

My goal was not only to have fun and have beautiful footage to show for it but to celebrate my friendships, collaboration and creativity. I mainly work Solo but when I get to collaborate with like-minded and talented friends, I am reminded of how invigorating and essential it is to align forces -not only for the soul but also for the creative process. I felt empowered, inspired and eager to plan more projects!

Meet sisters Tanja and Natasa, Founders of Real Glam.

Tanja and I met about 12 years ago while living in Los Angeles. Back then I was leading the North American marketing of a Brazilian fashion brand called Colcci. I needed a model for one of our shoots and was referred to her – one of the easiest models I had the chance to work with. We clicked right away and began a beautiful friendship. Then of course I met her wonderful sister Natasa and the rest is history! We became like sisters (the sisters I never had). 

A few years later we all relocated to NYC – couldn’t leave them behind!

Tanja moved on to become a Creative Director and Natasa is a TV Producer as well as on-camera Hostess. They decided to combine their forces, talents and experience to start their own blog, The Real Glam (to be launched very soon). They will share their Glamourous life but also their life behind the glittery curtains. They will reveal their vulnerability to shed light on some important topics to help and inspire women.

Meet Ioana, my talented Content Creator and Fine Artist based out of NYC

Ioescu started her career in Paris, France working as a production manager and photo assistant to director Justin Wu. There they created beautiful digital content for clients like Vogue.fr and V Magazine.

Today she creates photo and video content for her beloved clients with the energy of a small child and the wisdom and experience of a true seasoned professional.  Her background in digital marketing allows her to not only produce content but strategize on best avenues for distribution and so much more.

And for the past few months she has blessed Discover Out Loud with her Genius and Swag! So excited to have her!


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