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How many times have we heard of successful brands or ideas that spun from new mothers? These stay-at-home moms had to learn very quickly to multi-task more than ever and bring creative and out of the box ideas to enrich their life away from the corporate world but also to fill an existential and financial void. These creative moms use their learnings and day-to-day experience to invent a product that fills a niche. Today, more and more women are starting their own business and succeed at it.

Francesca, the founder and designer of Franca C is no stranger to this! Having twins with two more at home made her decision to quit her job and stay at home evident and easy. But as a professional, driven and full of energy person, there was no way she would just stay home and do nothing else with her time. Plus she was displeased with most of the bags in the market because they were impractical. Stylish and practical don’t combine very often!

And this is how Franca C handbags got started! An idea that fulfilled a personal need, quickly turned into a successful business – handbags with purpose!

I write this post not just to promote another brand but also a business philosophy.

A great deal of attention and care is placed on the design aspect of the Franca C bags. Before any prototype is sent to production, Francesca tests and optimizes the samples extensively. And only top quality leather made in Tuscany especially for her is ever used. Francesca is regularly on site to oversee the production and knows each seamstress personally. Francesca makes sure compensations are fair and the work space standards are up to part with an ecological approach.

Below are a couple of my favorite styles. They can all be purchased online.

If you happen to be in Winterthur, Franca C is tastefully displayed at Nr. 4. The store is worth visiting anyway! The owner has done a great job keeping it authentic and selling beautiful products made locally.

INFINITY – reversible shopping bag

Double-faced models and the well thought-out multi-functionality of the designer pieces are the distinguishing features of the collection.  They come in various colors and materials and can be used for a variety of occasions. The shoulder strap has also multiple functions – as a shoulder bag, or as a belt bag worn across the hips or detached for a clutch and worn separately as a necklace.

EUPHORIA – Francesca’s first creation

The “Euphoria” clutch is an absolute fashion highlight that will be the center of attention. Fascinating and extravagant with a trendy metallic look, you’ll shine wherever you go. The best thing about “Euphoria” is its versatility. The removable link-chain matches any style and can disappear into the bag, transforming it into a clutch. “Euphoria” gains extra points for quality, Tuscan cowhide and a fantastic design.

Meet Francesca!

Franca C 2

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