Grand Opening party of Brisket

I received the invitation to the Grand Opening of Brisket over a month ago and to be very honest, I forgot all about it until everyone around me started asking if I was going. Whomever did their Public Relations and Social Media management should get a huge praise and raise! They did a phenomenal job at advertising the event and having a great turn out. The best crowd of Zurich seemed to be in attendance. The bar was in full motion the entire evening and I was told through the Grapevine that hostesses were passing out authentic briskets straight from Dallas, Texas! Not sure if it was a rumor or reality because I never got to get my hands dirty! I cannot wait to take a bite into that juicy smoked meat soon!

Aside from not  being able to testify of the quality and taste of their offering, I have to say that the decor and overall design really impressed me. The attention to detail is exquisite. You can almost imagine being in the states, although I doubt that in Texas, they would have artsy signs for the bathrooms!

Brisket_bbq. Photography @brisket_bbq
Brisket_bbq. Photography @brisket_bbq
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