A guide to beat fatigue and inflammation in the new year!

beat fatigue and inflammation

I hope your holidays have been fun and relaxing. I had a very relaxing Christmas. I wore my PJ’s all day long and didn’t even brush my hair. Ha! Ha!  I am ending 2016 on a very healing note. I have been finding myself being drawn to the spa, sleeping in, and doing the most relaxing activities. Normally, I am quite the socialite and love to go to parties, lunches and hang with all my girlfriends.

2016 has been the year of many transitions. I left my 18 year career in the fashion industry and started a new career in holistic health. The most important change was focusing fully on my well-being. About 3 ½ years ago, I lost most of my vision for a good two weeks and everything was blurry and wobbly. It was during fashion week in Los Angeles and I had to pretend I was ok and worked with my buyers. I knew something was very wrong, I could sense it. I went to a vertigo specialist who then sent me to a neurologist. This doctor put me through many tests including MRI’s, spinal tap, etc. It was all very surreal. I was told I had an attack on my brain and that I had multiple sclerosis! I did what I normally do in a very stressful situation. I thought, “how will I fix this?” I went to another doctor who said I didn’t have MS but I have Lupus, and then a third doctor told me I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. These doctors were clueless as to what was wrong with me.

I was dealing with a lot of the symptoms of these very serious auto-immune diseases, but I did not have them.  After three years of tests and doctor visits, I met a functional doctor who figured it all out! She sat with me for two hours asking me about my life and taking tests that were more detailed. I had doctors laugh at me when I asked them if it could have been from stress or from the foods I was eating.

My body was in flight or fight mode which plummeted my cortisol levels. It attacked my body in the form of painful inflammation in my fingers. I felt severe fatigue (and this was with 7-8 hours of sleep). I had anxiety, brain fog, sugar cravings, etc. I had burned out my entire body. This is how I operated for most my life. Get it done and get it done fast, all while wearing high heels! I was a very young mama and had a career in a fast- paced world of fashion. The level of stress took its toll on me and I had officially burned out my Adrenals.

I lived on caffeine for energy and lots of champagne to ease my anxiety. This lifestyle all came to an end and I am now almost a 100 percent. I have no more brain fog, fatigue and my inflammation is almost gone! Yay!

Does any of this sound like you?  Running ragged and hoping from one fix to another like caffeine, booze, sugar?  Are you tired most of the time? Dark circles under your eyes? Not sleeping at night?  It’s time to get off the merry-go-round and get your vitality back! It’s going to be a new year and why not a new vibrant You? I don’t want you to wreak havoc on your system like I did. If you have it’s ok, let this be the year you have it all.   Put self-care on the top of your new year’s resolution for 2017!

Today, I am going to share my top tips on what I have done to support my immune system and to heal my adrenals. I will share my favorite brands and some recipes.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I am simply suggesting things to support your body. If you have a serious illness, please consult your doctor about my suggestions.

Signs of adrenal fatigue

Fatigue– are you tired even after a good night’s rest? Are you tired after your lunch?

Dark circles – being fatigued and having emotional stress take a toll on your circulation and show under your eyes.

Anxiety- do you worry all the time? Is it keeping you up at night?

Inflammation constant fight or flight mode will get your adrenaline and cortisol going and it could lead to inflammation and aches and pains.

Exhausted after an intense workout being a bit tired after a work-out is normal but if it’s wiping you out then something is off. Your body needs a calm workout so it can heal. Maybe yoga or a walk.

Menstrual cycle is off- when you have adrenal fatigue, issues with your thyroid could pop up and mess with your hormones.

Bloated- eating processed foods can drain the adrenals and cause your stomach to bloat, have constipation, etc.

Steps to healing your adrenals

Stop and slow down! This is number one. Learn how to turn it off and spend some quiet time alone. I practice meditation daily.  If you don’t have time for a whole day to yourself take 5 min and breathe. I love Jason Stephenson on YouTube. I listen to him on my headphones to help me fall asleep.

Change- I changed my career and how I was living my life. maybe there is something you have been wanting to change? Do it! don’t be scared, life is too short. Get outside your comfort zone.

Working out- I used to be so hardcore with my manly boot camp workouts and circuit training. I now do barre, pilates, bike riding and walking on the beach. I have never been in better shape.

Massages- if it’s in your budget get a massage. A relaxing one not a hardcore one ! I used to only think if it didn’t hurt it wasn’t a real massage. It’s the opposite. Your body needs to calm down. If a massage is not in your budget order a foam body roller.  I love Laurenroxburgh.com . Or look on Amazon there are a ton of great ones!

Dry body brushing- it stimulates your lymphatic system and eliminates toxins from your blood and will help detoxify your entire body. Plus your skin will be looking glowing!  Purchase at your local natural market or Amazon has tons of good choices

Stop the sugar- I know I know your addicted. Read my link all about sugar and how to get yourself off the crack once and for all!!

Stop caffeine- if you are a coffee addict try switching to green tea or try Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee. Find it on Amazon.

Slow your roll with booze-  it will dehydrate you and stress out your body further.

Eat whole foods- stop eating processed foods and stick to fresh veggies, fruits, organic lean meats. Cut out fried foods and junk! Look up new recipes to make and have fun with it!

Include medicinal mushrooms & adaptogens – these magic mushrooms also called cordyceps are incredible in supporting your immune system, fighting fatigue, helps with getting a deeper sleep. The list goes on and on about what incredible things they do for your body. My favorites are Reishi (queens of mushrooms) and Chaga (king of mushrooms). They can be taken in a pill or powder form and added to your morning smoothie or a tea.

Brands that I love: Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee (this taste like coffee and gives you lots of energy), Mushroom Science, Sun Potion, Host Defense, Jing Herbs, Dragon Herbs. I have so much to say about medicinal mushrooms and adaptagens.  I will do a separate blog post all about it.

Gelatinized Maca-  a root from Peru that is considered a superfood and has adaptogenic properties. It nourishes the endocrine system. It helps increase stamina, combat fatigue. This nutrient dense whole food is packed with vitamins and essential minerals and amino acids.  Make sure to purchase Organic gelatinized maca. I sprinkle on top of my sugar-free ice cream sundaes or yogurt or inside my smoothie. It tastes like caramel. My favorite brands of Maca are Gaia herbs, Navitas. You can find them on Amazon.

Maca dessert of breakfast topping


2 scoops of your favorite non-dairy ice cream. I love sugar free coconut milk ice cream from Soy Delicious. Or use your favorite yogurt. (make sure its low in sugar)

Top with my famous coconut cream

Add berries

Sprinkle adaptogenic maca on top. (it tastes like caramel )



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