A fool proof guide to traveling anywhere in the world energized, bloat-free!

guide to traveling anywhere in the world energized, bloat-free

Namaste my friends,

I am a little behind on posting because I have been traveling through India. I am about half way through my three week tour. It has been an adventure of a lifetime.  I have seen so much already: Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Jaipur, and currently en route to New Delhi. The last week will be spent in the south in Kerala.

This country is filled with so much contrast. I have taken more selfies in the past week than I have in a lifetime. People are so happy and excited to see me. I have children coming up to say hi and introduce themselves to me.  Women smiling and blowing kisses to me. There is so much beauty here and the most loving people I have ever encountered. It fills my heart and makes me feel so welcomed to their country.

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Traveling abroad to a country that my body is not used to could be a potential disaster. I came prepared and I have not had one upset stomach. Everyone around me has been dropping like flies except for me and my husband. This is because I have mastered the art of traveling with everything from chia seeds to charcoal to nuts. I have fixed a few upset stomachs while being here with my homeopathic tricks. If you follow my fool-proof guide you will feel energized and bloat-free. This will allow you to enjoy every moment of your vacation or business trip.

I have accumulated these tricks for the past 18 years of traveling around the world. Print this guide out and bring it with you and share with your friends and family.

Fool-Proof guide to traveling happy & bloat free

Get your flow going. When traveling it’s easy to get constipated, bloated, and ill.  When we don’t eliminate the waste from bowl movements it can be toxic and make you ill. These are my bullet-proof tricks that always work.

  1. Chia Seeds – Take 1 spoonful in morning and another in the evening. Chia seeds are a good source of fiber and will bulk up in your stomach and help eliminate bloating. They are also very hydrating and will keep your skin glowing while traveling.
  1. Activated Charcoal– I use Country Life brand or Natures Way.  These pills are magical for me and anyone I give them too! There are so many great benefits of activated charcoal. It absorbs  gas, bloating and prevents hangovers! Charcoal helps remove toxins from the body and is essential for emergencies. They use it in hospitals for patients who have alcohol poisoning or drug overdose. If you plan to have a big night out take a few before you go out and it will help prevent a hangover. I put a bit on my toothbrush and it whitens my teeth. It’s much healthier than using chemicals. If you found you ate something bad that is giving you an upset stomach, take about 1-3 pills right away and it should fix the problem within the hour.  Make sure to drink several large glasses of water since charcoal can dehydrate you and will give you constipation.  I take about 3-4 before I go to bed and it takes away my travel bloat.  *Side note – do not take this with any other vitamins, pills, etc. It will absorb them and your pills will not work. Take your vitamins a few hours apart.
  1. Mag 07 – I use the Aerobic Life brand. Mag 07 , a combination of magnesium oxide compounds. It slowly releases oxygen throughout the digestive system over a period of 12 hours. It has a gentle stool softening effect. Mag 07 has many benefits – it helps loosen intestinal build-up which aids in the release of unwanted waste materials and toxic substances that may be lingering in your body. Oxygen also supports the good flora which are essential for proper digestive and intestinal health. I have used this for years even when I am not traveling. If you ate too big of a meal or something that was very unhealthy it will help move through and out of your body. This stuff is magic!!
  1. Probiotics – This one is a must have for anyone traveling. This part gets a little more costly but is worth the investment. With probiotics you get what you pay for. Do not waste your time buying cheap probiotics as they will not work. At home I use a refrigerated one and this is not possible while traveling. The best probiotic on the market for traveling is Dr Ohhira’s. He is a genius and  came up with a probiotic that does not need to be kept cool. In fact it can be in a warm area in your suitcase and will still work. Probiotics help promote a healthy GI Tract and improves overall gut health. It will help with constipation and bloating. It’s recommended to take 1-2 a day. I have been using this the entire time in India and it has been a life saver.
  1. Digestive Enzymes or bitters – I take these before eating every meal. I carry in a baggie and shove it into my purse. This helps digest the food faster and will eliminate bloating and gas. I use these all the time and they work like a charm. Last night after dinner I tried anise seeds. It also worked well. There are so many natural ways to help digest food.
  1. Spirulina or chlorophyll pills– Eating fresh greens and getting in phytonutrients is not always easy while traveling. I have an easy trick I have been doing for years. I take either Spirulina powder or some Chlorophyll pills with me. It will support your immune system. When flying we lose oxygen and it makes us tired and achy. This will add more oxygen to your bloodstream and help with avoiding jet lag. It also helps eliminate toxins from your body. Being in India there is a lot of smoke and pollution in the air. I have been doing a teaspoon at night and in the morning mixed with 1 tablespoon of chia seeds in water and chug fast!! It tastes like grass. If it’s too hard-core take in a pill.

These two superfoods are similar but slightly different in color. Spirulina is a blue-green colored algae that grows in warm fresh water lakes, natural springs, and saltwater. Chlorophyll is a green colored algae and grows in fresh water. Its richer green color makes it richer in chlorophyll then spirulina.

Health benefits:

Spirulina- is rich in beta carotene and has 10 times more beta carotene than a serving of carrots. Plus you’re not getting all the sugar in it. It has Protein, Vitamins A, B, C, E & K and minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, chromium. It helps fight infections, allergic reactions, and aids in weight loss.

Chlorophyll – contains the highest amount of chlorella and also has a high content of beta carotene, Protein, Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and minerals calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphorous.

  1. Multi- vitamin – take your vitamins with you. It’s more work but try to keep up with your daily regimen. This will give your immune system extra support that it needs while traveling. I put mine into baggies and it reduces the weight and room.

*TIPS for traveling abroad:

Preventing Parasites- If traveling out of the country. It’s important to protect yourself from getting parasites. This will ruin your trip if you get infected and will wreak havoc on your body. If parasites stay in your body it can cause illnesses.  I am currently traveling in India and my husband and I have been taking Citricidial Plus by Nutribiotic. As soon as you land and get to your hotel take 2 pills two times a day while you are on vacation. It’s a natural way to make sure your body will help kill off any parasites. The ingredients are grapefruit seed extract, Echinacea Angustifolia root, Artemisia Annua, Wormwood. When I get back to Los Angeles I will do a parasite detox for about a week. Just to take extra precautions.

No Jet Lag prevention pills– This is a homeopathic jet lag prevention. This stuff works like a charm!! I just tried it for my trip to India and I did not struggle too bad. Chew one tablet every two hours starting after taking off and one last pill upon landing.

Curing pills –  A Chinese herb to stop vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorder, fever, headache, influenza, motion sickness. It helps to regulate the digestive system and regulate bowl functions. My father in –law became ill in India from food. I gave him some of these and it stopped his illness quickly. I have been very fortunate and I have not had to use them. This is good for emergencies.

 How to eat and drink while on flight

If you are like me then you may find plane food unappetising.  It’s like a really bad tv dinner and that’s gross. You may eat it anyways because you don’t know the tricks of how to travel gourmet. Not to mention eating plane food will set you up for failure. it’s important to eat lots of phytonutrients aka greens.  This will help with getting oxygen to your bloodstream and eliminate getting jet lag and exhaustion. My second carry-on bag is always filled with all of my snacks, vitamins, food, etc.


Napkins, Plastic spoon, fork, and knife, ice packs.

Chopped up Lemon-Or 1 whole lemon.  If you bring a whole lemon cut up with your plastic knife. Use your tray table as your cutting board ! LOL  This is one of my favorite tricks to get alkalized!! While waiting for your flight head over to Starbucks or any restaurant and order hot water. It’s typically free and add your lemons to it. Also while in flight order hot water instead of the bad bitter coffee or tea. It will dehydrate you anyways.

Tea– No need to drink bad bitter tea when you can have your favorite one. I always travel with a mix of teas: herbal, sleepy time tea,  green tea , and black tea for the hubs. It’s also nice to have in the evening in your bedroom. I use the coffee maker to make hot water or you can order it up to your room.

Ice packs or frozen gel packs – This keeps your food cold. I have traveled the world with ice packets and I have never been stopped. It’s allowed through security. I have taken 8 hour flights and I have cool food when landing. I usually have vegan nut cheeses with me and it stays cool the entire trip. I will then bring it into the hotel room with me and get it into a fridge ASAP.

Immunity shots-  This is a new trick I started doing last summer. I was flying to Germany and I was worried about getting sick. I made my wellness shots recipe of ginger, turmeric, lemon (recipe here) I filled up about 6 small bottles that are under 4 ounces. If you don’t have time to juice it most juice shops and stores carry these shots. Put these babies on the ice pack and go! Take a shot at the beginning of trip and depending how long your flight is I would do a few. Traveling for 24 hours to India I took about 4 of them with me. One of the layovers in London had some and I did two more there. Sometimes I have several left and I put into the hotel fridge. When I went to Mexico last summer I had enough for the 5 days I was there.

Stay hydrated- Make sure to purchase 1-2 large bottles of water in the airport before entering your plane. Flights usually have a small little thing of water and they will not keep it flowing. Flights are so dehydrating and its important you are getting as much in as you can.

Ideas if traveling in the morning:

2 hard-boiled eggs, tofu or tempeh bowl –  fill a cheap container with sweet potatoes, steamed veggies, quinoa and season how you like it.

Breakfast burrito cover it with a napkin and wrap it in foil to keep it fresh and warm.

1 whole avocado– Cut up with your plastic knife and add to boiled eggs or eat for a snack cut up with crackers.

Avocado toast – Wrap toast in napkin and wrap foil around it all to keep it toasty. Either pre-cut the avocado pieces or bring a whole avocado. It’s easy to cut up with plastic knife. I bring small Cholula or Tapatio hot sauce packets with me. The flights should have packets of salt if you need it. Or bring a small baggie of your own sea salt.

Ideas if traveling in afternoon or evening:

Make a quinoa salad or quinoa bowl with lots of veggies, If no time to cook pick up a salad , a wrap , or any meal you like from your favorite place.

Ideas for Snacks

Snacks are crucial for your travels. I get low blood sugar and I will freak out if I don’t have anything to munch on.

Nuts – I always travel with a variety of nuts and bring enough for my entire trip. When in doubt eat nuts! Ha ha!!

Crackers – I love brown rice crackers, Almond flour crackers from Mills. Mary gone crackers are my favorite. I also bring enough for my entire trip.

Protein Bars – There are so many good ones. I love

Vegan Cheese – I always travel with some sort of spread and vegan nut cheeses are my favorite. Diaya cheese is really easy to travel with and I keep it cool with the ice pack.  Last time I went to Mexico I made my own happy hour in hotel room with my own crackers, vegan cheese, and some nuts! LOL

*Stay away from alcohol while flying. It will bloat you and bring your immune system down. Trust me you don’t want to land with a bloated belly at the beginning of your trip. Wait for that glass of vino or champagne.

One of my best tricks to date is to make a hotel room smoothie. I have been doing this for years. I love Vega and they sell smaller packs that have about 11 servings in them. There are also 1 serving packs if you are only gone for a short period. I am sharing my easy recipe below.


1 scoop of protein powder

1 teaspoon of spirulina (optional)

1 tablespoon of Chia seeds (optional)

1-2 cups of water or nut milk.

*If traveling where the water is safe to drink. Order up some ice for added coolness.

Add all ingredients to bottle blender – shake it up and pour into a glass from hotel room!

If you don’t have a bottle blender its ok. Pour your liquids in a glass and the ingredients and stir with a spoon or whatever you can find.

*note – I also carry with me small cartons of almond or coconut milk. Just pack in your suitcase. Purchase the ones that do not need to be refrigerated. When you get to hotel just pop into your fridge to cool it.

And one last tip non-food related but find it works miracles. Bring sheets of face masks. I use this in the mornings and helps my skin stay hydrated and glowing!! I have been doing this for years and works so well!!

Namaste from India 🙂


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