How to get your skin to glow and stay hydrated

Hello and Happy New Year!

How has your new year been so far? We are 14 days into the new year and I hope you’ve had a strong start filled with motivation for your wellness and happiness! In Los Angeles, we’ve been getting hit with tons of much needed rain. We’ve been in a drought for far too long. It feels so refreshing to see all the plants and trees become green again. As the trees get hydrated it’s a good reminder to check in with yourself. Are you hydrated enough? It seems so simple but dehydration can mess with you mentally and physically. It happens when you’ve lost too much water in your body. If you don’t replenish your body, it will not be able to perform its normal functions.

Today I will share with you simple tips on how to get your skin to glow and stay hydrated all year long.


Hungry or have sugar cravings? Try drinking a few glasses of water and see how you feel. I do this often and half the time my body just needed water.

Color of urine– I do this test daily. If it’s yellow or a chardonnay color you are dehydrated. If it’s a dark orange you are super-duper dehydrated. You want to be drinking enough water to get it to almost clear or with a hint of yellow. This test is an easy way to stay on track and hydrated.

Dry skin– no matter what and how much you apply on your skin, it’s still feels dry and itchy all over. Start drinking! It will eliminate those wrinkles and get you glowing.

Headaches– your brain lives in a bag of fluid and if it’s depleted because of dehydration, the brain can push up against your skull giving you headaches.

Fatigued– especially for the mid-day fatigue. Drink up and get energized.

These are just a few signs of dehydration. Lucky for you I have tricks on how I get my skin to glow and stay hydrated. I have people asking me all the time how I get my skin so glowing. I believe it’s from keeping myself hydrated consistently.  Sometimes water is just not enough and more hydration is needed.

I owe some of my glow to the power of chia seeds. I am sure you have heard of them or have tried them. They have become one of the most popular superfoods. They were a staple of the Mayan and Aztec diets. The Mayans used to run up and down the Inca trails and their diet consisted of chia seeds. They are one of the best things to consume for maximum hydration.


Bloated Tummy– I will have 1-2 tablespoons in my smoothies to get rid of bloat.

Traveling tip – I always bring them with me when I travel. I pour it into a baggie and slip into my bag. It’s easy for your body to get constipated when traveling.  I pour a spoonful in a water bottle and shake it up and swallow fast. It can get a little messy. But it will get your digestion going and your trip will be enjoyable.

Shelf life– not only are they are affordable but they have a two-year shelf life. I go through a bag in about a month or less.

Weight loss- they can satiate hunger and keep you feeling full. The minerals in Chia also help your metabolism.

Egg replacement– this is one of my favorite egg replacements when I am cooking vegan goodies. It becomes gelatinised. To replace one egg : use 1 tablespoon of chia seeds with 3 tablespoons of water and wait 15 min. Add to your recipes.

Also helps with inflammation, supports your immune system, regulates blood sugar and many more incredible results from the power of chia. Pour some in your water bottle the next time you go  work out and see how much better you feel!

Another way I like to pimp out my water is by adding Chlorophyll to it. It makes it nice and green just how I like it!! So what is Chlorophyll? It’s the molecules that make plants green.  it’s the blood of the plant and is almost identical to our own red blood cells. It cleanses and alkalizes our body and helps remove toxins such as heavy metals. It oxygenates and hydrates the entire body while fighting disease such as cancer. I can go on and one about this plant blood. If you had a night out on the town and feeling a bit hungover this water does magic for it!

Chlorophyll water- I buy a bottle of liquid and it lasts me  months since you will be using very little of it. I like to buy the mint flavored  since its so refreshing. * Tip- I always carry a little tincture of it in my purse and drop a few drops into my glass . It’s a show stopper. Everyone wants to know what green liquid I am drinking! LOL! Also tablets work just as well. Go here to check out some good brands

Lucky for you, I am sharing one of my all time favorite chia seed recipes and made a video for you.

 Chia Seed Pudding recipe 

What to eat when you wake up in the morning or for a snack? This is the perfect thing to eat. It will fill you up with fiber and the chia seeds will hydrate you and make you glow the inside out!

3 tablespoons chia seeds

1 tablespoon cacao or cocoa (optional – don’t add if you want it to be just vanilla flavored)

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 cup of Almond milk, Coconut milk, any non dairy milk. Note: add more milk to it if it’s too thick and you want it less thick. Then shake it up again. It will mix together.

1 tablespoon of sweetener like maple syrup, honey, rice syrup, etc.  It’s about your taste buds. I don’t add to much since I put berries on top and it adds a lot of sweetness.

*Sugar free version – use a few drops of stevia or Monkfruit.

Add all ingredients to a jar and shake it up. Go back and re-shake it in about 30 min. Sometimes it will get stuck at the bottom of the jar in clumps. In the morning re-shake it or take a spoon and stir it. If it’s too thick, add more milk.

Top it with my yummy coconut cream , berries, cacao nibs, nuts or whatever else you like and enjoy!!!


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