How to stay stylish in this heat

Temperatures have been soaring these past few days and unless you stay naked or wear your hottest bathing suit/ swimming trunk, it’s difficult to remain cool, comfortable and stylish all at once.

But there is a way! For both ladies and gents!

Here are a few basic tips to help combat the heat and the contrarieties that come with it, style-wise.



I cannot even think of wearing anything else than a dress. I find that white, light-weight dresses make the heat somewhat more bearable while still looking pretty. I recommend white because it reflects heat away from you instead of absorbing it like black would.
Zara white tunic dress – CHF49.90

Zara full tunic with plaited belt – CHF49.90
GRIEDER Missoni dress – CHF260 on sale

Grieder Missoni dress – CHF260

But having said that, I’m also a huge fan of colors!


I personally opt for wedges as I’m short! But if I had a few more inches on me, I would definitely go for flat sandals. There is something about a lady with long legs wearing flat sandals! (but I would never know!)


Zara patterned wedges – CHF69.90

Grieder, Anne Thomas leather sandals – CHF250

Grieder, Anne Thomas leather sandals – CHF250


Never leave your house without a proper sunscreen! And wear as little makeup as possible to allow your skin to breathe and avoid getting sun rashes.

The Bobbie Brown lightweight BB cream seems to be the perfect companion. Not only does it have SPF, but it also provides a natural sun glow. And to make it even more appealing, it contains caffeine, which helps reduce redness.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.47.27 AM
Bobbi Brown BB Cream CHF49.90

Bobbi Brown BB Cream – CHF49.90



Thankfully, a lot more attention is being put on mens fashion these days and stylish options and colors are not lacking.


You have shorts and you have shorts, meaning that not all shorts should be allowed! My favorite for the summer are colored bermudas. They’re fun, stylish and generally very fitting.

Zara Bermuda CHF29.90

Zara, bermuda – CHF29.90


If shorts are permitted at work, but a certain dress code is still required then a button down shirt is the answer. Plain, white and fitted, with rolled-up sleeves.

Zara slim fit shirt – CHF29.95

Zara, slim fit shirt – CHF29.95

But, if you don’t have to and the heat is blasting hot, then a faded, soft cotton T-shirt always works. I tend to like deep v-necks or a wider round neck to show off the chest!

Zara T-shirt CHF14.95

Zara, faded T-shirt – CHF14.95


Standard white sneakers or loafers will always do the trick wether you want to dress down or dress up the outfit.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.45.40 PM
Grieder, Dsquared2 leather sneakers – CHF395

Grieder, Dsquared2 leather sneakers – CHF395 

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.48.03 PM
Grieder, Tod loafers, CHF360

Grieder, Tods loafers – CHF360


Say NO to sun beds to kick start the tanning process. Instead opt for spray tanning. And don’t worry, the technology has much improved and thankfully so has the orange color!

Self tanning lotions

Garnier, Ambre Solaire Bronzer – CHF12

James Read – CHF37

Fake Bake Self tanning lotion– CHF37

St Tropez, Self Tanning Mousse, CHF30

Et voila! You’re set to go!


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