Humans of the world: #IAM in pictures

Humans of the world in pictures

A couple of months ago, we discovered a group of people who have been displaced, uprooted from their mother country because of political reasons.  They are young and hopeful but certainly scared as their future is uncertain. They have been fortunate to cross path with humanitarian and activist Katrin Hasslwanter who founded Kollektiv Raum, a social and cultural organization which intends to help them integrate into Switzerland by learning German, socializing with locals and partaking in various social and cultural activities.

As sad and scared as they may be, they always wear a big smile on their face and never stop hoping! Please, whenever you see a refugee, don’t forget to smile, lean in and ask questions and if you can, have fun with them! But most of all have empathy.

Let’s meet these amazing souls in pictures! Thank you at Cesar Martins for capturing so well their essence at that moment.

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