If Brisket could talk!

Brisket is now 2 weeks old and so much seems to have happened for them since then! The restaurant and the concept have gotten the attention and praise of both industry professionals and food lovers.

Much has been written about the food and atmosphere of the restaurant. My intention is to delve a bit further into what Brisket is all about.

I met with co-owner Stephan Von Matt and we had a nice little chat at Brisket while everyone was getting the place ready for the evening! I still cannot believe that he’s only 28 and his brother Thomas 3o! Already so accomplished and almost veterans in the gastro business. Thomas also owns The Bite, THE hamburger joint in Zurich! I guess American style Barbecue was just a natural progression. They sure love meat!!

When did you think about opening a BBQ style restaurant? Why?

My brother and I have been fans of the US for many years and go back and forth quite often. We love Texas, especially Austin because it’s dynamic and forward-thinking! We love the American barbecue culture and most of all we love meat! As you know, my brother owns The Bite on Langstrasse, best known for its hamburgers.

Back in November of last year, we decided that it was time to bring something new and fresh to Zurich. There are many great restaurants here but we feel that they don’t necessarily push the boundaries of comfort and as a result, we have many of the same types of restaurants.

I still cannot believe that you just had the idea 6 months ago!! And today, it’s a fully operating machine!

Yep! We made up our mind in November and moved on quite fast. We were lucky to find this amazing location and be able to raise the funds. Unfortunately, in Switzerland, it’s quite difficult to open a business, especially for young entrepreneurs. There are so many rules, regulations and limitations which intimidate most people and scare them away.

I have only been here 2 years and already notice some changes. More and more start-ups, cool restaurants and stores opening left and right. Do you also see these changes? Are you hopeful that this new trend is here to stay?

Couldn’t agree more. I think Zurich has evolved a great deal these past few years. I think mainly because of the number of expats living here and bringing their way of thinking into the mix. But also because taking risks and opening up to new ideas is the natural progression to evolution. The world has changed and we need to change with it. Things are moving a lot in Zurich and new food concepts are coming to life every day!

Did you know anything about making American style BBQ? Or did you guys have to get trained by an expert?

We got trained in the US. Our head chef spent a week there learning with the best.

Then we practiced and practiced with over 300 kgs of meat until we got it right!! But we still learn every day and never get too comfortable. We constantly raise our bar as we reach our goals. What goes up can go down and we definitely strive to stay on top for as long as we can!

Are you the only ones in Switzerland to have this type of Smoker?

Yes and we are very proud of it! Came straight from Texas!

What if it breaks down? 

We have someone here who can fix it 🙂 But the goal is that it won’t break down!

Where do you get your food from?

Everything we get is local. Not only do we want to help local businesses grow but we absolutely believe in using only the best of everything. And what better than meat coming from the happiest cows ever?

Now how about the design of this place? I love the style and the attention to details. Did you hire an Interior Designer?

No way!! Almost everything that you see here was made by us, locally with local products. And what had to be outsourced also came from local sources. We went back and forth to Austin and New York to get inspired. We wanted to conform somewhat to the Southern BBQ signature style but with a modern design and customized touch. I personally was here every single day making things with my own hands! So this is my baby in every sense of the word!

2015-05-19 16.55.07 copy

2015-05-19 16.55.20 copy

Lastly, if Brisket was a girl, how would you describe her?

Haha! Accessible (but not easy!), someone you feel comfortable and at home with. Sociable, warm, welcoming but with an edge. Definitely vibrant and trendy!

Marriage material then!

If I weren’t already happily married, I would say yes 😉

2015-05-19 16.57.06 copy

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