Il Tavolo opening night at Gate Gourmet

Last night marked the official launch of this year’s Il Tavolo food festival. The event was held at Gate Gourmet, the world’s largest independent airline caterer. What a cool venue to host a food festival! Now every time I travel and am served food on the plane, I will think of last night and visualize the setting and the people behind these meals. Ok, the type of food I got to taste is probably only for the lucky first class passengers because I personally have never had such a gourmet experience, even on Swiss!!

But let’s go back to Il Tavolo! From the beginning to the end, ‘almost’ every detail was carefully considered and executed. I say ‘almost’ because there is still some room for improvement, but that will come with time and practice 🙂

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Il Tavolo opening night

I was told that over 400 hundred people were attending with 14 gourmet stations from 14 different destinations.

“The Maitre de cabine”, Director of Culinary Excellence Oliver Fischer at Gate Gourmet in alliance with head chefs Frank Widmer from Park Hyatt, Ingo Kühn and Patrick Hetz from The Dolder Grand, Fredi Nussbaum, Tino Staub from Storchen Zürich and Kay Schultz from the Widder Hotel, Maurice Marro and Olivier Rais from the Baur au Lac as well as Rebecca Clopath, Ambassador from Max Havelaar, Head of Koch Mysterium, and last but not least Andrea Werth  from Marmite Youngster, served all the passengers meals that will not be forgotten any time soon.

2015-06-24 18.50.13
Frank Widmer from Park Hyatt Hotel
2015-06-24 19.33.33
Thomas Kappis from Gate Gourmet
2015-06-24 20.05.59
Rolf Hiltl from Hiltl

I wish I could go back and eat more! All of my senses were tickled! (Smell, sight, taste, touch and even audition!)

2015-06-24 18.15.28

2015-06-24 18.47.33

2015-06-24 18.49.17
Frank Widmer
2015-06-24 19.40.30
Asian corner


Salmon sashimi

And can you believe that there was also Caviar? Pure Swiss made Caviar! Of course coming from Iran, I may be a bit partial to our own Iranian Beluga fish but I must admit that the Oona Caviar surpassed my expectations. Plus the team behind was so cute!

Onna Caviar


Let’s not forget that champagne and wine were flowing all evening long!


The evening closed with beautifully dressed plates of desserts! All kinds. And of course chocolate everywhere!!!

2015-06-24 19.33.58

If your mouth is watering, there is still a chance to experience this for yourself. The festivities will continue all week long. For more detail, click here.

Til next year 🙂

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