In & Out at Jedlitschka Gallery

Jedlitschka Gallery is now showing until August 22 its latest exhibit called In & Out, “Has art ever been as free as it is today?”.  The gallery has turned into a garden of sculptures from 19 different artists pondering upon that question.

Is Art all about money and return on investment? Has it always been the case? How is it that one artist is valued so much more than his counterpart?

Sadly today most people don’t even dare to dream about possessing a piece of Art because they think they cannot afford it.

Art is in a constant state of flux and trying to define it would diminish it to just that. At its essence, Art stimulates our brains, incites a feeling, an emotion (good or bad). But sadly, over the past years, Art has become more about making a statement, and part of In & Out’s ‘Statement’ is “No more statements!”, we have had too many of those and we are tired.

These are only a few pictures. I really recommend that you visit the gallery to see the full exhibit and meet Martin Jedlitschka.

Jedlitschka Gallery
Seefeldstrasse 52
8008 Zürich

2015-06-12 13.18.03 copy




By Adrian Bütikofer

By Jaya Schuerch

Featured sculpture by Tobia Bucher.

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