July in Zurich

July in Zurich promises to be eventful! The temperatures are sizzling hot. The sun is out. Unlike the US where most apartments come with Air Conditioning, Zurich does not. So rather than sweat at home, let’s go out and enjoy what Zurich has to offer this month. And trust me, there is enough going on to make everyone happy!

It’s Badi time! 

Nothing like jumping in the water to cool off! Zurich sure doesn’t lack in the water department! You can jump in the lake or river by you, or go to one of the many Badis the city has to offer. To see the complete list of pools in Zurich, click here.

For our fervent swimmers, you can also purchase a Sportabo pass which gets you unlimited access to all 24 indoor and outdoor pools in Zurich.

Discover Out Loud


Filmfluss, at Badi Unterer Letten, July 8 – 26

Watch your favorite movies on the lake! What better in this heat? Click here for the program.

But don’t slack and try to arrive at least one hour before to guarantee a seat!

Wasserwerkstrasse 141, 8037 Zürich


Salt Open Air, July 16 – August 16

Get your tickets today if you haven’t already because they sell out like cup cakes. For more info, click here.

Zürichhorn, Zurich

Salt Open Air



Aufsehen, Summer Festival, June 25 – September 6th

Have you been noticing a change in the landscape of Zurich?  Hanging paintings, Live paintings, unusual banners on landmark buildings, or performances?

Aufsehen, is a unique open air exhibition which attempts to tease our curiosity and bring our attention to things that normally go unnoticed. By bringing that shock value, we are forced to pay closer attention to our environment.

@Discover Out Loud
AUFSEHEN, Zuerich.com @Instameet
zuerich.com @Instameet

Steve McCurry at Museum Für Gelstaltung, July 3 – October 18th

Do you remember the piercing green-eyed Afghan girl on the cover of National Geographic?

The American photographer is known for his depiction of Asia through vivid images. This exhibit features some of his unpublished work, films and interviews.

Not to be missed!

Steve McCurry, National Geographic, Afghan girl



Monday market at Rimini Bar until August 31st

This is the perfect venue for our outside the box thinking and alternative shoppers. Every Monday until the end of August, Rimini offers its space as a platform for young designers to be noticed and discovered.

Shop, drink and be merry!

Badweg 10, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Photography @Rimini



DAYDREAM at Strozzi’s Strandhaus, July 18

Groove to amazing beats on the lake side. The music by DJ Cruz, the lake, the food and the cool crowd of Zurich promise a night to remember. But if you’re not into Deep and House music, this won’t be for you! For more info, click here.

Seestrasse 146, 8704 Herrliberg, Switzerland

Live at Sunset at the Dolder, July 3 – 19

The Dolder ice rink got transformed into a stage where magic happens. Live at Sunset is bringing unforgettable concerts by some of our household favorites in the most beautiful backdrop of Zurich. For a complete calendar, click here




Who said Swiss can’t be spontaneous? Katzentisch is here to prove us all wrong!

Just like travel sites where you can book your hotel room at the last minute, you can also plan your dinner date the day of at your favorite restaurant and look like a champion! Once you register, you will receive the list of the restaurants with open tables, at exactly 3pm every day!

nastro last minute


Featured image by Trip Advisor

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