La Razzia

I had a quick mention of La Razzia in my post called 5 Star Zurich. But today’s post is dedicated to the Bar at La Razzia and a secret spot that not many people know about unless they’re connected!

La Razzia Bar is a great place to meet friends for a glass of wine after work. The location is central, the crowd is hip and sophisticated. And the interior design, worth a post of its own, is vibrant and edgy. (For more about its history, click here)

I always have a great time when I go there and end up meeting very interesting people whom I would have probably not met anywhere else.

So why this post today? Other than a great bar to mingle with old and new friends while having a glass of wine from their very select collection?

I was lucky to meet one of the Co-Owners, Daniel Caro who introduced my friends and I to the best kept secret of the restaurant – the private room. He escorted our group through a corridor which led to a narrow set of stairs we had to walk up, then OMG!!! Here we were, standing in this exquisite, out of this world space that only caters to special dinners. It didn’t feel like we were in the present but rather back in time when more attention was spent on the experience itself rather than a quick high. It was delightful and refreshing 🙂

Perfect space for small dinner parties, corporate dinners, especially in the Fall and Winter when we crave cozy and warm interiors.

La Razzia old cinema
Reception area @LaRazzia
Private dinning
Private dinning
La Razzia
2015-05-11 14.41.16 copy
La Razzia
2015-05-11 14.40.51 copy
2015-05-11 14.41.35 copy


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