Tess Aziz, a lady inside and outside the boardroom

I am a Woman coming from a great Woman. I must regrettably admit that throughout my childhood to my early 30’s I lived with some of the stigmas connected to my gender – be a lady, be pretty, accept the rules as they are and don’t question authority.

I not only accepted them but also adhered to them without much questioning, however never without a sense of malaise. Interesting enough I come from a lineage of strong, educated, worldly and beautiful ladies. They each suffered their fair amount of sorrow, disappointments and loss but never lost sight of the big picture. Most of them reached academic, professional and social heights most men would only know about from books.

Being a woman to me, signifies instinct, beauty of the soul and the body, compassion, love, vulnerability but also strength, power, wit, intuition and drive. In our society for far too many years, a woman’s role was reduced to that of a house wife or sex object. Thankfully, as a result of globalisation, digitisation and increased awareness, ideologies have begun to shift (not fast enough though). On TV or in magazines for example, there seems to be a big appetite for social and cultural issues. Activism is growing and with it the voice of women. As well, big corporations have started to seriously focus their recruitment efforts on women. (I do hope they get their jobs for their merits and not because of their gender)

My new series on powerful, strong, successful women is an acclamation and celebration of a gender which for too long has been misunderstood and perhaps underestimated. This series is about sharing the love and celebrating ladies who are paving the way to a better future for all of us and especially girls. The ladies I will be featuring will inspire, teach and motivate, each in their unique way.

I am proud to launch my series with an interview of Tess Aziz, an Expert and Leader in the luxury world as the Global Head of Client Experience for the world’s largest wealth manager. Tess embodies femininity, beauty, sassiness but also vigor, tenacity and of course intelligence. She attained such level of success with her own merits and hard work. I’m sure that along the way, she had to conquer many obstacles but she never gave up and kept climbing and smiling.

Without any further a-do, please meet Tess Aziz, a lady inside and outside the boardroom !

Featured image courtesy of Kevin Schwasinger of Forbidden City .

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