Living a whole and happy life – you too can strive for it!

Now that I’m getting older and hopefully wiser, my aim in life has become more and more rooted in finding inner peace, joy and excitement in what I do while hopefully touching a few people’s lives along the way. My move to Switzerland forced me to think outside my own box, try new things and take risks. It also taught me that age is only a number and our life is the product of our actions and belief system. No matter how old, it’s never too late to re-invent yourself and seek adventure and find passion in places never considered before. I also learned that in order to move forward we just have to ‘Do It‘ and not wait for the perfect time or scenario because there is no such thing as Perfection.

As my personal journey of self-discovery began 1.5 years ago, my dear friend Candice’s just began a few months back. Native of Los Angeles, at the age of 19, like many young beautiful girls of her age, she found herself drawn to the glamorous and glittery world of fashion. She worked hard for every penny she made and always made sure that her daughter never lacked of anything – especially love. Being a young single mom could not have been easy but she did it! And now her daughter is 19 herself and embarking on her own journey of womanhood.

Anyone who has ever worked in the fashion industry will tell you that it’s 99% hard work and 1% glamour. What you see on stage twice a year isn’t the true picture of that world’s reality.

So fast forward 19 years, Candice took a leap and left everything she knew behind to commence a new life and new challenges. Now that she’s older, she has made a conscious effort to live “A Whole and Happy Life” and share her knowledge and passion of healthy living and eating with the world. This idea had been percolating for years during which she practiced the craft of cooking healthy (but yummy!). Having inflammation in her body accelerated the process of learning because she needed to be healed. And now that she has recovered, she wants to share what she learned and help others. And best of all, she will do it on Discover Out Loud as our Food and Health Contributor!!! So excited! She will share recipes, tips and tricks, health advice, and so much more. And she’s funny too 🙂

So if you wonder who Candice is, here she is! (video filmed and edited by me:) )


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