Discover the Luxury, Five Star Zurich

Five Star Zurich

Five Star Zurich

Zurich is known to be one of the most expensive and exclusive cities in the world. The quality of life and products here is amongst one of the best one in the world. And is shows in the range of amazing restaurants and bars I’m about to show you.

In a previous post, we covered the alternative side of Zurich when it comes to its gastronomy. Now let’s discover the other side. The luxury side.

You will notice a ‘Discover rating’ for each restaurant. By no means, do I consider myself a food critique or a connaisseur. I only base my numbers to my personal experience and expectations. The grades average my numbers for the location, food, service, and price.


KRONENHALLE. It might have been Gustav Zumsteg’s extensive art collection that originally attracted the rich and the famous, but it’s a self-generating phenomenon: more of their like keep on coming. Politicians, artists, writers and international superstars have all passed through the unpretentious doors of this establishment and wondered where they would be seated – below the Chagall, next to the Miro, left of the Braque? Wear your best clothes and bring your snottiest attitude if you don’t want to make a bad impression. (copy timeout Magazine). Photography @20minutes.

Discover rating: 4.5Razzia

RAZZIAThis former cinema was Zurich’s most beautiful ruin for many years and has finally been reborn as a fine restaurant. Its interior is classy, stylish and elegant and has the air of a British gentlemen’s club, and the ambiance is great.

Downsides: it can take months before being blessed with a table! The menu is on the meaty and the pricey side, and the service can be arrogant. So hold your nose up high when dining here.

(copy &photography timeout magazine)Five Star Zurich

SEEROSE. Especially great in the summer time when the sun is setting and the breeze touches your skin. Great location right by the lake. The service is definitely up to part with the prices, which should mean Amazing!!


LINDENHOFKELLER.  Tucked away in old town Zurich, this restaurant is worth the trip. Amazing food. Exquisite wine. And superb service. What more can you ask for?

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