Discover Out Loud is a luxury lifestyle “Webzine” produced by Creative Director Ariane Tavakol and based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Together let’s explore the world’s top luxury hotels, chefs, events, ideas and people. But also let’s get inspired by each-other.

DOL is the ultimate place for discoveries to inspire dreaming, actions and reactions. Story telling is cool again!

Ariane Tavakol: Creative Director + Story Teller + Interviewer + Explorer

  • I’m happiest when I’m on set directing a shoot 
  • I’m most intrigued when sharing thoughts with the Wise 
  • Luxury = Enjoyment of the Best in life
  • Traveling = Freedom 
  • Freedom = To live my dreams
  • Dreams are made of discoveries
  • Food is both a Friend and a Rival
  • My top 3 brunch spots: The Butchers Daughter Venice, CA, Sant Ambroeus NYC, and Grand Café Lochergut, Zurich
  • My beauty Can’t live without are Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar
  • I can’t live without my lipstick, Persian crispy rice, flowers, and Rey Sol Anejo shots, with lime!
  • I’ve learned that you take yourself wherever you go and the key to happiness is to be able to surrender
  • I also learned that Karma does exist so if you don’t want to come back as a worm, you better be kind and respectful to others, including yourself 
  • My biggest regret is to waist too much time worrying about the unknown
  • My two cents-  It’s up to us to adapt to the mysteries of life by biting into each new day and turning the twists and turns into an unforgettable experience.
  • What does it mean to Discover Out Loud? It’s to be open to life, to new experiences while remembering the old. It’s to get passed the fear. To Discover Out Loud is to share the good, the exciting and new. It’s to learn from those who have succeeded at the art of life. 
  • Elegance, class and sassiness are to be taken seriously. Being Cool is to be those things, in your own way.

I hope you enjoy the ride and get inspired!

Photography Disclaimer: I try to the best of my ability to take my own pictures but sometimes, it simply isn’t possible. I always cite the source unless the images are mine.