How to make Almond Milk at home from scratch


I am excited to be your new holistic health contributor on Discover Out loud.

I have so much goodness to share with you! I will teach you how to eliminate processed foods, and toxic things from your life. As a result you will be glowing and healthy in no time!!

Not so long ago, I was living a life that no longer served me or my body. I was becoming very ill and had inflammation and fatigue in my body. I did not know what to do and I turned to doctors, who just frustrated me, further. I saw several doctors over a three year span and I was told that I had Multiple Sclerosis, then another Dr. told me I had Lupus and the last one Rheumatoid arthritis. This did not make any sense to me and it seemed the doctors did not know what was wrong with me either. I decided to get to the very root of my problem and start my healing there.

The first step was leaving my 18-year career in the Fashion Industry. I started healing myself with a happier life and eating whole foods. I am currently studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to gain more knowledge. I want to help you heal your life and to become the healthiest version of yourself. Life is too short any other way!!

Today I am discussing dairy, and the havoc it causes on your body. Dairy is one of the first things I like to remove from my clients diet. It is highly acidic and most people have a hard time digesting it. It can cause inflammation, pimples, chronic digestive problems, ages the body, cancer, and many more awful things.

But what are you supposed to put in your lattes, teas, smoothies, etc? Well you are in luck!! I have the most perfect and easy recipe for you. It is without chemicals and horrible causing side effects that dairy can cause.

Today, I will be showing you in my video how to make your own almond milk at home, from scratch. There are many reasons to make your own. Most store bought non-dairy milks are filled with names you can’t pronounce. Carrageenan is a popular one that’s in a lot processed foods and especially in non-dairy milks. It’s a thickening agent that can cause cancer, inflammation, diabetes, and many more icky things.

After tasting homemade almond milk, you will never want store bought again. It’s so yummy!! Just remember if you are in a pinch its ok to still buy store bought. Just remember to read the labels. There are some brands that have no chemicals.

Just think how fancy you will be when you have friends and family over and you can show off with your fancy lattes!!

One last thing, you can eat all the healthy foods in the world and find yourself not healthy in your life. It’s not just about eating healthy. Find what makes you happy and do them while drinking homemade almond milk lattes.

Remember to breathe.




1-cup raw almonds

2 ½ cups water or add a cup more if you like it watery. I like mine creamy.

*Optional for sweetened milk add: 1 teaspoon vanilla (2-3 dates if you can eat sugar) , sprinkle cinnamon.


Soak 1 cup almonds over night or for 5-8 hours

Add almonds, water and optional sweeteners, cinnamon , vanilla, dates and blend.

* My favorite way is adding I teaspoon of vanilla and sprinkles of cinnamon

Pour all ingredients in the nut bag and squeeze out ! (you can purchase nut bags from healthy food store or on Amazon).

Congrats!!  You just made your own nut milk. It’s that easy no preservatives and pure yummy-ness!

Since it’s natural and preservative free milk. It will last about 3-5 days.


* Make Almond meal or flour with left over pulp.

Lay out almond pulp on wax paper and put into a dehydrator or bake in oven at lowest degree until its dried out.

Add dried pulp to food processor or blender. Blend it to smooth out. Use it for gluten free baking in place of regular flours.



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