Man’s World, playground for men!

Retro Punk

Last night I was invited to attend the opening party of Man’s World, a new ‘tradeshow’ for men in Zurich. Imagine a playground for adult men and what it would look and feel like! The organizers carefully constructed an experience which integrates all of the senses – sight, smell, touch, feel and of course hearing. Nothing was left out.

From the moment I approached Maag Halle I was struck by the beauty of the smokers’ area where the fire looked like it was dancing to the beat of the wind. Inside, the high ceilings and industrial layout were the perfect frame to showcase the “manly” toys found all over (i.e. Jeep truck, Ducati bike, Luxury Custom car, Dasmesser knives to name a few). Mens fashion, grooming, spirits, art / design and extreme sports also found their home at this exhibit. There are too many brands to name them all but just know that for most part they offer unique and beautiful products.

Thank you Tag Heuer and PR/Ticular for inviting me!


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