Meet Margarita Forster, Founder of Foundation Avanzar

A few months ago I got to meet Margarita Forster, Founder of the Foundation Avanzar, a social enterprise with the goal to assist, teach, and offer entrepreneurial ideas and projects to women in Ecuador, whom otherwise would have little to no chance of becoming financially independent.

Since the beginning of this foundation, these women’s quality of life has not only improved but with it the lives of their family members. They have gained a means to make money but also to better themselves by learning new tools and techniques.

I always admire people whose goals in life are greater than themselves and seek to make this world a better one. Margarita is not only beautiful and kind but her determination speaks volume. One of the many projects her foundation is involved in is Atelier Avanzar, founded in 2009.  Atelier AVANZAR offers a space where local cultural traditions are rescued and combined with up-to-date materials, ideas, and designs. Today, 75 ladies are benefiting from the foundation. (atelier: 15 , computer classes: 20, entrepreneurship classes: 40)

Here, Margarita introduces us to the Avanzar bags, all knitted by the local ladies using local products.

By the way, these purses and accessories don’t only serve a greater purpose but they will also make you look very fashionable! They can be purchased here.

Without any further due, please meet Margarita Forster.

 Margarita introduces us to Avanzar’s top sellers.

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