Mode Suisse, Edition 12 rocked its new location

Mode Suisse, edition 12

September 4th marked the 12th edition of Mode Suisse in Zürich at Schiffbau.

This new location, industrial and raw in its structure, was the perfect venue to reveal upcoming but also seasoned Swiss designers. Each collection marques not only the latest trends but also a palpable growth of the show itself. Kudos to Yannick Aellen for following your dreams and seeking progress.

The turn out was diverse, artsy and of course fashion driven. At the pre-show cocktail hour, the Who’s Who of the fashion world and press, both nationally and internationally, was there to support but also check out the Swiss fashion scene.

The guests, in the likes of Adrian Reber, special guest Collective Swallow, Deniz, Christa de Carouge, Garnison, Head – Geneve, Kevin Germanier, Ladina, Lida Noba, Lyn Lingerie, Weer, YVY and special appearance by de Sede and eSJZ enSoie x Julian Zigerli with collective capsule collection, proudly introduced their creations to enthusiastic guests avid to discover their latest favorite designers.

I was grabbed by a lot of the designs – most of course I would never wear but thoroughly enjoyed looking at. The styles, for most part, were not as esoteric and obscure as they once were.

I want to give a shout out to three ladies who rocked the stage!

CHRISTA DE CAROUGE, La Grande Dame en noir made a come back and wowed the crowd with her signature style.

LIDA NOBA is an undeniable talent and a force to be reckoned with. Her style keeps evolving and maturing, as she is. Her love for design and the craft itself is felt in every detail of each garment.

My latest discovery, YVY, avant-garde and sexy leather goods makes me most excited. Designer Yvonne Reichmuth is young, fresh and definitely driven. Her pieces are made using the finest Italian leather and have been seen sported by celebrities like Monica Belluci, Kristen Stewart and just recently Taylor Swift. You go girl!

Great job everyone and looking forward to next season. Thank you at Photographer Boris Marberg!

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