Monday hair tips by Harper Salon

Monday Hair Tips by Harper Salon are back!

They’re easy and fun. Anyone can do them, with little to no tools, no matter where you are.


Tip 1

Want shiny hair?

Rinse your hair with cool water!

It closes the cuticle and makes your hair super shiny!

Tip 2

Want your hair to grow?

To stimulate hair growth, massage your scalp for at least one minute while shampooing.

Tip 3

Going in the pool…?

Chlorine causes the hair outer layer to lift and makes hair dry, brittle and dull.

Wet your hair thoroughly with clean water before swimming. It dilutes the effect of chlorine. Or try applying a little conditioner to it before you jump in.


Til next week for our next Monday tips from Harper! Questions and comments are welcomed!


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